Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Visit from the Gilbert Family

Saturday June 30th the Gilbert's arrived for a 10 day visit.  We had been hoping that our poppies would be blooming while they were here and the first ones actually opened the day they arrived.

We always enjoy the beauty of these flowers during the brief time they bloom.

We all went for a walk along the river they day after they arrived.  Here's Spenser looking out over the Deschutes River.

Here's a shot that Cindy took of us while on our walk

That afternoon we went to the Les Schwab Amphitheater to enjoy the free music.

Monday afternoon we all did a tour of the Deschutes Brewery, which is the 5th largest craft brewery in the Country and number 11 of overall breweries in the U.S.

Last year they did an expansion to their facility adding the tanks shown here

Here are some photos from our tour

Deschutes Brewery

The area where they keg and bottle the beer.

Spenser helped us out with the dessert Monday night by caramelizing the sugar on the creme brulee.

Randy Thompson came down on Monday and stayed with us a few nights so he could see the Gilbert's.  Here we are enjoying our creme brulee.

Wednesday the 4th, started out like every year...enjoying the Bend Pet Parade.

Here are several shots from the parade

Here's Spenser, Brad, Kelly, Cindy, Karla and Levi holding Cash at the Pet Parade.

Another shot of the group at the Pet Parade

The last pet was the crowd favorite each year...the floating dog.

This little dog in his sunglasses is floating over two stories high above the crowd.

After the parade we spent some time at Drake Park where there were all sorts of  arts and crafts booths, live music and family fun events like this gunny sack race.

There was a large crowd in attendance enjoying all the fun.

Kelly and the Gilbert's eventually got funned out and needed a break.

That evening we made a delicious dinner for the 4th.  Here's Randy getting some caprese.

Brad is sauteing the mushrooms and onions for our burgers

Kelly's hand pressing the turkey burgers

Cindy, Brad & Randy are awaiting dinner.

The burgers were fantastic as well as the corn on the cob, baked beans and everything else we had.

Spenser, Dave and Brad riding through Tetherow on their way to some bike trails.

Here are a few shots of Spenser mountain biking.

He loves riding the trails we have here.

Saturday the temperature was in the mid 80's so we went up in the mountains to spend the day at Elk Lake.  Here are Delaney & Spenser paddling around in our canoe.

Brad relaxing in our spot on the shore.

Cindy, Delaney & Dave in the canoe pulling Spenser in an inner tube.

Delaney relaxing in the sun

Spenser, Brad & Kelly at Elk Lake

Cindy, Dave & Spenser catching some rays...

Here we are enjoying some Humpty Dumpty BBQ Potato chips that our friend JK sent us from out east.

Dave eating Humpties down by the lake.

Brad gets a little time in the inner tube

Cindy & Delaney

Spenser and Dave took a spin around the lake pulling Brad in the inner tube

Kelly at our makeshift beach at Elk Lake

Cindy at Elk Lake

When we got home from the lake Spenser wanted a cold icy drink, so Kelly got out the blender and put Spenser to work.

Here are Spenser and Delaney with their blended raspberry concoctions.

Here are Brad & Cindy with their "Adult" versions.

Sunday the 8th was an even hotter day with a high of 95, so we decided to float the river.  Here are Dave & Delaney blowing up Karla and Levi's big inner tube.

Kelly & Spenser decided to try out stand up paddle boards.  Here they are getting some brief instructions.

Here are Karla, Levi and Cash who's spraying Delaney with his squirt gun.

Kelly & Spenser up on their paddle boards

Here they are paddling upstream

Cash & Karla as we float the river

Kelly on his board

Delaney & Cindy

Brad didn't float with us, so he took some photos as he walked along the river.  Here are Spenser & Kelly on their boards and the rest of us in the inner tube.

Brad got this photo of us as we were floating under the Columbia St. bridge

Enjoying a hot day on the river

Karla, Cash & Levi on the river

Here's Levi giving Cash's head a good soaking

He came out with some pretty nice hair

After spending time on the river we went to the Amphitheater for the free Sunday music.  Since it was so hot out Dave used the inner tube and paddles to create some shade.

Here Delaney & Dave are getting some relief from the heat

Cindy, Delaney & Kelly enjoy the music in the shade.  This was our last day with the Gilbert's as they flew back to Indiana Monday morning.

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