Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Surprise Guest

A few weeks ago shortly after Dave left the house to go for a walk along the river he passed a guy on a bicycle coming down Century Dr. from the mountains.  He said Hi as the guy rode past and then heard him say "Dave Haney?"  It turned out to be our friend Cary Marger who worked with us for several seasons in Antarctica.  He recently took a break from his job in Houston and departed on a five month bike tour, going from the Mexican border south of San Diego to the Canadian border.  After that he'll ride back to Astoria, OR and then on to St. Louis to complete his trip.

Needless to say Dave & Cary were very surprised to see each other in such a random way and it was fun to surprise Kelly when Dave brought Cary back to the house.  He ended up taking a break from his trip and stayed with us for two nights.
Cary was burning way too many calories from biking so much, so we tried our best to fatten him up.  Here he's eating one of Kelly's Obsidian Stout Chocolate Brownies.

Cary with us for dinner that night.

Here's Cary packing up his gear to head off on the next leg of his journey.

Here we are with Cary and his loaded down bike.

Amy, Kelly & Cary before he departs.

Off he goes for several more months of riding...

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