Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kelly's Stained Glass Window Project and Dave's Knee Surgery

Kelly decided he needed a project to keep him busy this summer, so he started working on making stained glass windows for the three transom windows we have in the front of our house.  He found a design he liked and tweaked it so it would fit the size of our windows.  
He drew out the design as shown above and then had to cut out cardboard stock pieces of paper in the shape of each piece, which he used as a template to cut the glass.

Here he's cutting a piece of glass by tracing the template.

After cutting each piece he had to snap the glass to break the piece off.

After all the pieces were cut, he had to grind the edges to smooth them and finalize their fit.  He then wrapped each piece in copper foil before he started the final process of soldering it together as shown here.

After it was soldered together he applied a liquid patina to change the solder color to black 

After getting all three of them completed we took them to Michael's to get them framed. 

After a few weeks we got the call that they were done.  Here's Kelly with one of the completed windows.

Here's one of the windows hanging in place

Here's a shot of all three of them hanging in place.  They look awesome!

Dave's left knee started swelling back in February while we were in Antarctica.  After several visits to the Doctors office to get it drained, he had an MRI in June, which showed he had a torn meniscus.  Kelly took this shot on June 27th right after he came out of surgery.

He had to keep it elevated for the first two days and also had to wear these sleeves on his legs, which constantly compressed his muscles so he wouldn't get blood clots.  It made it hard to sleep those first few nights, but he's been recovering remarkably well and is back to doing long walks and mountain biking.  

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