Monday, July 2, 2012

Friends in Town, The Bite of Bend and The Cycle Pub

The weekend of June 22-24 our friend Paul flew down from Seattle for a weekend visit and our friend's Chris & Natalie and their daughter Amalie came down on Saturday from Hood River, so it was nice to get a chance to visit with all of them.
Friday night after picking Paul up from the airport we had cocktails at Norman & Dave's house.  Here's Norman, Dave & Kelly

Paul, Dave & Kelly enjoying the evening sun

We had to move to the side yard as the sun got lower.  Here's Dave White, Norman, Kelly & Dave

Saturday we hired the round six seated cycle Pub for an hour and a half of fun.

Unlike the cycle pub we rented last year, this one has six seats that surround this little table of beer holders

Here's Norman doling out the beers

Our driver Shelby, Chris & Norman

Loaded up and ready to role

Dave & Paul on the Cycle Pub

Chris & Norman

Kelly & Dave

Our first stop was at the Boneyard Brewery

On the Bone Yard parking lot.

Here's a better look at the Cycle Pub without passengers

Dave White, Norman, Chris, Kelly, Dave Haney & Paul with their beers at Bone Yard Brewery.

Paul & Dave White

Norman, Kelly & Dave

Dave was using Norman's shirt pocket to hold his beer at 10 Barrel Brewery,

Chris, Paul & Norman at 10 Barrel our second stop

Norman & Chris playing around at the Riverside Market, our third and last stop

Here's our group shot at the Riverside Market

Here we are on the round Cycle Pub as we leave the Riverside Market.  We were caught in a downpour between 10 Barrel & The Riverside Market, so we were glad to see the sun return.

Dave White, Kelly, Chris & Paul walking back to the Bite of Bend.

Dave & Amalie at the Bite of Bend

We ran in to Levi downtown later that afternoon.  Here's Levi, Chris & Dave all of whom wintered over together at McMurdo Station in 2000.

Here's Amalie, Natalie, Amy & Chris at Sunday free music at the amphitheater.

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