Friday, June 15, 2012

The Oregon Coast at Cape Arch

For the second year in a row we rented a place on the coast with our folks.  We all met at our three bedroom house at 2:00 and were welcomed by the often present rain.  It did let up at various times during our stay, which allowed us to get out and take some photos and enjoy the area.

Here's Mom Haney standing on the porch of our house.

Kelly & his Dad enjoying the view from the house while Mom Cheek reads a book.

The following day we had a break in the rain for well over an hour.  We all walked over a mile down to the end of the beach and back.  Here are the Mom's enjoying their walk and trying to stay warm.

The view of our place from the beach.  Our house is just to the left of the of the two light colored houses in the middle of the photo.

Here's a close up shot of our house.

Mom Haney was constantly having to move quickly away from the incoming tide as she was too busy looking for sand dollars to pay attention to the waves.

The Mom's on the beach

A few shots of the end of our beach

Kelly & his Dad eventually came down to join Dave and the Mom's.

Kelly with his Parents

Kathy & Ray on Cape Arch Beach

Walking back to the house

Here's a shot of all of us on the beach.

The waves finally got the best of Mom Haney, as you can see her pants are wet well above her ankles!

Dave & his Mom

Kelly & his Parents

It started raining shortly after we got back from our walk, so Mom Haney enjoyed playing some Solitare.

Kelly relaxing in the house.

The Rhododendrons in the area were blooming big and beautiful flowers. 

Kelly on another little walk on the beach later that evening.

The weather still hadn't improved...

Here we are on the beach at Cape Arch.

Ray reading by the fireplace.

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