Friday, June 15, 2012

Meeting Family in Seattle

On Thursday May 31, we drove up to Seattle where we met Dave's Brother Gary and his family.  They had flown in from IN for Kate's graduation from the University of Washington Medical School.  They stayed for one week to see the sites and then Mom Haney flew back home with them.
Dave holding Addyson while the rest of the family gets a tour of the house they rented.

Morgan is all smiles on her first trip to Seattle.

Kate is introduced to Addyson for the first time.

The next day we met the family at Snoqualmie Falls.

Morgan & Addy are ready to see the falls

Snoqualmie Falls shrouded in mist.

Gary & Morgan

Another shot of the falls.

Morgan, Courtney & Addy.

Eric, Morgan, Cinda, Gary holding Addy and Courtney.

The whole group at Snoqualmie Falls

A parting shot of the Falls.

Addy decided she was going to push her stroller rather than ride in it.

There were these beautiful dogwood trees at the falls.

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