Friday, June 15, 2012

Back to Selah where Dave Fulfilled a Life Long Dream

After we left the family at Snoqualmie Falls, we drove over the mountains to Mom & Dad Cheek's.  Unfortunately we couldn't stay in Seattle for Kate's graduation since Nephew Colton was graduating from Selah High School the same day.  When we got to Selah and pulled in to Mom and Dad's place we found a nice surprise.  One of Trevor's cows, which we thought wasn't pregnant, had just given birth to a bull calf.  It was literally born within two hours of our arrival.

Once Trevor got off work he came over to check out his new baby.

Big Mama was nice enough to let him get right up there so he could see what sex it was.

Since the calf was too small to nurse on it's own, he brought him in to the stable until he could get Big Mama in the squeeze shoot.  That gave Kelly some time to spend with the calf.

One of Dave's life long dreams has been to milk a cow.  He doesn't remember where this desire came from unless it was from all the stories his Mom told him when he was young about her having to milk the cows before school.  Either way it's something he's been wanting to do it for as long as he can remember.

Dreams really do come true.

He's still living the dream, this time on a different udder.

After getting enough milk for a bottle full he got to feed the calf.  The only drawback to this whole experience, was that he was so enthralled with the calf, that he backed in to the electric fence not once...but twice.  That made Kelly and Mom Cheek's day...they just couldn't stop laughing!!!

The calf and Big Mama are reunited once again.

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