Friday, June 15, 2012

Back In Bend for the Summer

After leaving McMurdo we've had months of traveling and family time, but now it's time to be home to enjoy our summer and let people come visit us.

Last weekend our friends Steven & Marty came down for a visit from Yakima.  Here they are with Kelly & Norman.

Last weekend was also the first Free Sunday Music at the Les Schwab Amphitheater.  Here's Karla visiting with Norman and Levi visiting with a friend of theirs.  Karla & Levi just moved to the area with their son Cash and we're very excited to have them here.

Here's Cash enjoying his ice cream cone.

Karla & Norman enjoying a nice sunny day in Bend.

Colton's Graduation and BBQ

Here's Colton before graduation, which was held in the Sundome in Yakima.

Colton and friends waiting for Commencement to commence.

Here's a video of Colton accepting his diploma

Colton, Kathy & Raeleen after graduation.

Sunday afternoon there was BBQ for Colton at Dennis & Raeleen's house.  Here's a group of family and friends gathered in the new shop.

Raeleen, Colton, Jeremy & Kelly

The Cake

Dennis & Raeleen

Colton on the right with a group of his friends.

Kelly visiting with Uncle Frank, while Kathy visits with Janelle.

Back to Selah where Dave Fulfilled a Life Long Dream

After we left the family at Snoqualmie Falls, we drove over the mountains to Mom & Dad Cheek's.  Unfortunately we couldn't stay in Seattle for Kate's graduation since Nephew Colton was graduating from Selah High School the same day.  When we got to Selah and pulled in to Mom and Dad's place we found a nice surprise.  One of Trevor's cows, which we thought wasn't pregnant, had just given birth to a bull calf.  It was literally born within two hours of our arrival.

Once Trevor got off work he came over to check out his new baby.

Big Mama was nice enough to let him get right up there so he could see what sex it was.

Since the calf was too small to nurse on it's own, he brought him in to the stable until he could get Big Mama in the squeeze shoot.  That gave Kelly some time to spend with the calf.

One of Dave's life long dreams has been to milk a cow.  He doesn't remember where this desire came from unless it was from all the stories his Mom told him when he was young about her having to milk the cows before school.  Either way it's something he's been wanting to do it for as long as he can remember.

Dreams really do come true.

He's still living the dream, this time on a different udder.

After getting enough milk for a bottle full he got to feed the calf.  The only drawback to this whole experience, was that he was so enthralled with the calf, that he backed in to the electric fence not once...but twice.  That made Kelly and Mom Cheek's day...they just couldn't stop laughing!!!

The calf and Big Mama are reunited once again.

Meeting Family in Seattle

On Thursday May 31, we drove up to Seattle where we met Dave's Brother Gary and his family.  They had flown in from IN for Kate's graduation from the University of Washington Medical School.  They stayed for one week to see the sites and then Mom Haney flew back home with them.
Dave holding Addyson while the rest of the family gets a tour of the house they rented.

Morgan is all smiles on her first trip to Seattle.

Kate is introduced to Addyson for the first time.

The next day we met the family at Snoqualmie Falls.

Morgan & Addy are ready to see the falls

Snoqualmie Falls shrouded in mist.

Gary & Morgan

Another shot of the falls.

Morgan, Courtney & Addy.

Eric, Morgan, Cinda, Gary holding Addy and Courtney.

The whole group at Snoqualmie Falls

A parting shot of the Falls.

Addy decided she was going to push her stroller rather than ride in it.

There were these beautiful dogwood trees at the falls.

Our Landscaping and Cocktails at the Tetherow Clubhouse

Ever since Dave moved to Bend he has never seen tulips bloom at the Braebern house.  Every year the deer eat them before they ever have a chance to grow.  Although there was evidence of the deer eating quite a few   of them again, we finally had some which actually flowered this spring!!!

We bought this star and these teardrop shaped glass ornaments in Puerto Vallarta last year, but never knew what to do with them.  Kelly saw this garden trellis at a Nursery in town and thought it was the prefect way to display them.

The reason we were at the nursery was to buy a tree to help give us more privacy when we're on our back deck.  We decided on this Crusader Cockspur Hawthorn, which was recommended by one of the nursery staff.  It blooms in the spring with small white clustered flowers and unlike traditional Hawthorns, this variety is thorn-less.  We really like the way it looks and can't wait until it grows enough to block the neighbors garage.

On Friday May 29th, we took Mom Haney to the Tetherow Clubhouse for drinks.  Although it's just across the road from our subdivision, we had never been here before.

Mom Haney & Kelly on the deck at Tetherow.

Dave with his Mom on the deck at Tetherow, which overlooks the golf course.  It also has a beautiful view of the mountains.

 Kelly at Tetherow.

The Oregon Coast at Cape Arch

For the second year in a row we rented a place on the coast with our folks.  We all met at our three bedroom house at 2:00 and were welcomed by the often present rain.  It did let up at various times during our stay, which allowed us to get out and take some photos and enjoy the area.

Here's Mom Haney standing on the porch of our house.

Kelly & his Dad enjoying the view from the house while Mom Cheek reads a book.

The following day we had a break in the rain for well over an hour.  We all walked over a mile down to the end of the beach and back.  Here are the Mom's enjoying their walk and trying to stay warm.

The view of our place from the beach.  Our house is just to the left of the of the two light colored houses in the middle of the photo.

Here's a close up shot of our house.

Mom Haney was constantly having to move quickly away from the incoming tide as she was too busy looking for sand dollars to pay attention to the waves.

The Mom's on the beach

A few shots of the end of our beach

Kelly & his Dad eventually came down to join Dave and the Mom's.

Kelly with his Parents

Kathy & Ray on Cape Arch Beach

Walking back to the house

Here's a shot of all of us on the beach.

The waves finally got the best of Mom Haney, as you can see her pants are wet well above her ankles!

Dave & his Mom

Kelly & his Parents

It started raining shortly after we got back from our walk, so Mom Haney enjoyed playing some Solitare.

Kelly relaxing in the house.

The Rhododendrons in the area were blooming big and beautiful flowers. 

Kelly on another little walk on the beach later that evening.

The weather still hadn't improved...

Here we are on the beach at Cape Arch.

Ray reading by the fireplace.