Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend in Bend

For the third time we've had both sets of mother's here with us for Mother's Day weekend.  We brought Mom Haney back with us to the Northwest for a months vacation and Mom & Dad Cheek drove down on Friday for the weekend.
Saturday night Kelly made this delicious pot roast for dinner.

Here are Mom & Dad Cheek with Mom Haney enjoying some appetizers before dinner.

Sunday morning we made Mother's Day brunch and once again served Momosas.  Our variation of a traditional Mimosa.

Dave in the kitchen.

Mom Haney with her Momosa.

With the beautiful spring weather we've been having we ate most of our meals outside.  Here's Mom Cheek on the deck.

The table's set and ready.

The folks are ready for brunch.

Dave made two egg casseroles, one with maple sausage, onion and pepper and the second with chicken, sundried tomato, pesto and feta.

Mom Cheek.

Kelly, Ray, Kathy, Marilyn & Dave Sunday Morning.

Cubs versus Cards

 April 25th we went to Chicago for our much anticipated trip to Wrigley Field for a Cubs game.  The weather forecast wasn't good, but come rain or shine we weren't going to miss the game...if there was one...

As usual we spent some time before the game at Murphy's Bleachers.  The game was delayed a bit due to rain, so we stayed at Murphy's until we heard they had removed the tarp from the field.  Once the game got started there were no interruptions.  We decided to splurge a bit for this years tickets and we sat in the 5th row just past first base.  We were seen on TV numerous times by family members who were calling and texting us.

Here's Darwin Barney playing second with Alphonso Soriano out in left field.

Here's a shot of Soriano at bat.

Here's David DeJesus running to first.

Starlin Castro at bat

A native from Portland, OR, Darwin Barney at bat.

A shot of us in the stands.

The Cubs new first baseman Brian LaHair.

The Cubs new third baseman Ian Stewart.

One of the highlights of a Cubs game is the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch.  It's usually sung by someone famous and on this particular day it was Jason Alexander singing who played George Costanza on the TV series Seinfeld.

Toward the end of the game we made our way over to watch the last inning right behind the Cubs dugout.

Here we are after the game ended.  Unfortunately the Cubs ended up losing.

Our Annual Trip to the Midwest

April 9th we flew to Chicago and bused to Indiana to visit our family and friends there.  We made a trip to N. Manchester on one of our first days back to have lunch with Jan & Roma Jo Thompson who happened to be in the area.

Here we are with Carter & Hannah and a photo of Jozef below.  They are three of the four great nephew's and niece who are in the Goshen area where Dave's Mom lives.

We made two different trips to Indianapolis during our visit.  On the first trip we stayed at Megan & Shaun's and we helped put up Avery's new basketball hoop.  

Here's Uncle Kelly swinging with Ben & Avery.

Ben & Uncle Dave sporting their Cubs hats.

Here Ben's reading to Great Grandma Haney & Uncle Dave.

The next weekend we stayed with Rob & Trysha, but made it a long weekend so we could see all the family in the Indy area.  Here are Anson & Kylie when we were playing with them at their house.

Anson playing checkers with Uncle Kelly.  We also played a made up Hot Wheels game, Candy Land and Monopoly...these kids love to play games!!!

That afternoon we all went to see Josh & Micah's baseball games.  Here's Micah & Anson.

Here's Mom Haney, Judy & Alison in front and Micah, Kylie & Trysha in back watching Josh's game.

Josh played several positions, but ended up pitching in the last inning and his team ended up with a win.

The kids weren't to interested in watching the game, so here are Anson & Kylie playing with Uncle Kelly.

Anson also got some play time on the swing.

Here's Micah at bat during his game.  He also played well and his team also won.

Here's Dave & Mom Haney preparing food for a family gathering the next day.

Saturday night Josh & Micah wanted to have a dance party.  Here they are dancing to one of Dave's favorite songs from last year.  This went on for several hours and they sure had fun!!!

Morgan having a little pre-dinner snack.

Eric & Addyson.

Addyson was all smiles.

Morgan spending some time with Great Grandma Haney

Kelly working the grill
Alison & Meg making sure the kids have everything they need.

Ben, Micah, Anson, Morgan, Avery & Kylie enjoying their meals.

After eating, Kylie & Avery enjoyed playing a new game while Great Grandma Haney watches

Alison with Uncles Kelly & Dave

Josh after Alison shoved his face in a bowl of ice cream.

The boys were also playing a game with some help from Kelly & Rob.

We had to get new photos of us with. all the great nephews and nieces in the Indianapolis area.  
Here we are with Morgan & Addyson.

Here we are with Bennett & Avery

Here we are with Anson & Kylie.

Here we are with Micah & Josh.

One of our last days in Goshen, we got to attend a program at Carter's School.  Here we are with Hannah.

  Here we are with Carter.  His first grade class sang several songs and we really enjoyed the program.

We drove from Goshen to Mt. Morris, IL on the 29th to spend a few days with Steve & Ginny before flying back to Yakima on May 1st.

Here are a few shots from Yakima.  Here's Mom Haney with Diesel at Mom & Dad Cheek's House.

One day Mom Cheek took us on a drive to show Mom Haney the area.  This photo shows the new way they are growing apples in Central Washington.  It's done more like grape vines, where they force the branches to grow on these strings, which makes for much easier picking.