Friday, April 6, 2012

Puerto Vallarta - 9 Nights at Casa Corazon

On Saturday March 24th, the others left to fly back home so we moved to a smaller condo closer to the beach.  It was a studio in a B&B called Casa Corazon.  It was a nice little place, but it took us a few days to get used to it after all the space we had at Casa Benjamin.  Here are a few photos of the place.

The kitchen & dining area were actually out on the covered balcony.

Here's the view from our new place.  The orange umbrellas on the beach are at Ritmo's, the place we always hung out at when we went to the beach.  When we weren't there, we were at the pool on the right side of the photo.

Here we are enjoying a glass of wine and the sunset from our balcony.

The sunset from our balcony.

In the absence of our friends from Antarctica, we were fortunate enough to make some new friends.  Here's James, from Toronto with Dave.

Here's Kelly at The Swedes with Keith & Mark from NYC.  They also own a home in PV.

Our favorite PV Bartender, Manuel who works at The Swedes.

We went to a couple of shows at the Palms. Here we are with Miss Conception, a hilarious drag queen aka Kevin also from Toronto.

Here we are at CC Slaughter's with Brendan & Svetlana from Jersey City.

We went to two other shows this year, both put on by Kim Kuzma.  This photo is from her acoustic show.

As we said before, if we weren't at Ritmo's on the beach during the day we were hanging out at our pool.

Here's Kelly enjoying some pool time.

Here's the view of our place from the pool.  It's the white building with the pink balconies and we're the third one from the top on the left.

Here we are, both enjoying some sun.

Yet another beautiful sunset from our balcony.

Some of the flowers around the grounds of Casa Corazon.

Some beautiful Buganvilias

One of the two Iguanas we would see each day on the property.

We came across this wonderful market while walking around Zona Romantica one day.  It had a specialty wine shop, a deli, bakery and a fruit & vegetable shop.

The fountain in the middle of The Mercado, with nice outside seating to enjoy a meal from the bakery or deli.

Puerto Vallarta - 8 Nights at Casa Benjamin

We flew to PV on Friday March 16th and met up with McMurdo friends Alex & Liz and Seth & Robin at Casa Benjamin.  This is the same condo we rented for a month last year, so we knew we wanted to return again.
Kelly, Seth, Alex & Liz on the terrace.

Alex, Liz, Dave, Seth & Robin relaxing on the terrace.

Cocktails and watching the sunset

Dave in the funicular

Kelly in the funicular.

The first night in town we went to the Swedes, which is one of our favorite bars and restaurants in town.

Seth & Robin at the Swedes

Wednesday night we went back to The Swedes for Cosmo Night.

Robin & Seth enjoying some time on the beach.

Alex decided to get a temporary tattoo while at the beach.

Getting the Tattoo which says "Liz 4 E-va"  

Alex was too cheap to get the extra letter to make it "Liz 4 Ever"

While Alex was getting his tattoo, Seth & Liz were playing in the waves.

One of our favorite places for Mexican food is "No Way Jose".  Liz wanted to order Bananas Foster just so she could watch it being made.

The waiter is pouring the flaming rum from one vessel to another.

It's a fun process to watch and this is the final product.  It was delicious!

One of our favorite things about Casa Benjamin is the infinity pool on our terrace

Dave in the infinity pool.

Alex & Liz enjoying our infinity pool.

Kelly & Seth

The whole gang on our final night together; Liz, Alex, Seth, Robin, Kelly & Dave

Leaving Sydney & Flying to the States

Dave found a few more photos from Australia and our flight back on his phone, so we thought we'd add them to the blog.
Here we are with Randy at the train station at Circular Quay.  We were headed to the airport for our flight home and Randy was heading to Canberra and beyond.

Here's the tail of our Qantas plane with the Sydney skyline.

The view out our plane window of South Sister, Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor.

Flying over Mt. St. Helens