Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Trip to Rarangi Beach

The day after we flew to Christchurch, we rented a car with our friends Julie & Susie and drove to the Sunrise Beach House on Rarangi Beach just outside Blenheim.  We rented this place for five nights as a place to hangout until our flight to Sydney.  The beach is a rocky beach with lots of flat rocks perfect for skipping.
Here's a shot of the end of the beach about a ten minute walk down from our house.  Actually the time to walk this depends on how many cool rocks you found along the way.

A shot of Kelly looking back out a crack in the rocks that Dave was exploring

Dave went climbing up the rocks looking for things to photograph.

The Wither Hills at the other end of the beach.

Julie unexpectedly got her feet wet.

Susie on the beach.

Julie & Kelly were skipping rocks.

Dave & Susie coming back from the beach.

Blenheim is the heart of the Marlborough wine region where they are famous for their Sauvignon Blancs. That's one of the reasons we chose to visit this area, so we could do some wine tasting.  Here we are enjoying a some wine and appetizers on the deck of our house.
Julie, Kelly & Susie relaxing in our house.

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