Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Photos of our Trip to the Blenheim Area

This was the closest we came to getting a shot of the sunrise.

Kelly on Rarangi Beach at sunrise

Looking up the coast.

This is a shot of our beach house.

Sunday morning we went to the local farmers market in Blenheim where Kelly took this shot.

We drove up to Picton Sunday afternoon for a lunch of fish & chips and a walk around town.  Here's a shot of us down by the water

One day we stopped by the Moa Brewing Company to check out their beers.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes at Wither Hills Winery

Susie, Dave & Julie at Wither Hills.

The entrance to the Auntsfield Vineyard.

A photo of the Auntsfield Vineyards.

Susie, Julie, Kelly & Dave amongst the Auntsfield Vineyards.

The Auntsfield Vineyard.

Having lunch at the Wairau River Vineyard.

Dave thought he'd try to get creative with the empty Sauvignon Blanc bottles we polished off during our visit.

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