Friday, January 27, 2012

More Pictures from the past couple weeks.

Kelly working at the Airfield.  A beautiful night for clouds and color.

The Russian Ice Breaker.

The fuel tanker arrived yesterday. They will off load around 7 million gallons of fuel.

Kelly in the wheel of the Kress Vehicle.

This is called a Sun Dog.  It's like a rainbow, but makes a circle and can radiate out horizontal to the ground.  The sun, light, temperature and ice crystals in the air have to be just right.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve Icestock Music Festival.

Icestock Music Festival and Chili Cook off are held on New Years Eve.  The fun starts with the Chili cook off and the music started around 6pm and continued until 1am.  The weather was beautiful and warm, nicest it had been in many years for the event.  Here's Dave and Randy.

Twan feeling Hilary's velvet pants with his cheek.

Monica and Dave.

Dave and Candy.

Kelly, Twan, Amy and Lisa.


Twan with his Christmas gifts. A rhinestone goblet, flask and T-shirt that reads "Sometimes Alcohol Is The Answer".

Amy, Danny and Kelly.

Tony, Kristen and Pete at their chili cook off station.

The ATO gang.

The dancing crowd.

Liz and Dave.

Kelly and Luke.

Craig, Lisa, Kelly and Danny.


Julie, Scott and Luke playing some Bluegrass music.

Tony's band.

Tony on the bass.

Jen and Matt singing.

Matt, Danny and Twan.  Danny has a hard time keeping his clothes on.

Charlotte's Antarctic eye makeup.

Danny, Jeramie and Kelly showing off their New Year's kisses.

Kevin and Jen.

Pam and Peter.

Julie and Matt.

After Icestock ended we made our way down to Hut 10 for an after Icestock dance party.  The place was packed, so we moved outside to the back deck.


Kelly, Craig and Kevin.

Dan and Dave on the back deck.