Thursday, December 27, 2012

Opening the Christmas Gifts.

Here we are on Christmas Eve opening our Christmas gifts.

Dave going through his stocking.

Dave got a T-Shirt, Chocolate, Skull Candy Ear Buds, 2 books and a Heart Rate Monitor for workouts.

Kelly & his gifts

Going through his stocking.

Kelly got an iPad, 3 cool T-Shirts and Chocolate.

Christmas Time

Here's some photos from our Annual Christmas Party we host in our room prior to the town Holiday Party.

Dave and Kelly.

Tim, Lisa, Alysa, Kristy and Shaun.

Dave and Dacre.

Kristen, Jared, Lisa, Twan and Dacre.

Jeff, Tim, Geordan, Kelly and Stephanie.

Amy, Melanie and Tom.

Kristy and Twan.

Lisa, Dacre, Twan and Kelly.

Dave and Kelly in front of the blow up Santa at the Christmas Party.

Dave, Liz, Kelly and Susie.

Kelly and Twan.

ATO group photo with Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Unloading the C-17.

This is the Kress cargo truck.  It's a monster!  

One of our loaders.

Dave on the ramp of the C-17.

The sled being pushed up to the plane to down load over sized cargo.

This T5 weighing 25,000 lbs got stuck on the sled rollers, so we had to pull it out with a loader.

Kelly and Pete hooking chains up to cargo and sled.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Kelly's Helicopter Ride.

 Kelly got the chance to help a Science Group collect their snow samples out on the Ice Shelf of McMurdo Sound.  This group is trying to understand how salt from the snow on frozen oceans get into the lower ozone layer. 
Here's Kelly in the Helicopter moments before take off.  It is such a different feeling than flying in a fixed wing aircraft. 

Just after take off, flying over the fuel storage tanks and to the right around Observation Hill.

Mt. Erebus in the back ground, Hut Point and Winter Quarters Bay in the foreground.

One of many huge Ice Bergs in McMurdo Sound.  Most of them are about 200 feet tall.  The crazy thing is that 90% of the berg is below sea level.

This is Dunlop Berg, one of the two places we stopped for snow samples.  The sea ice is around two meters thick here.

Views from Dunlop Berg.

Kelly in front of the Iceberg.

Kelly with the A-Star helicopter.

Another view of Mt. Erebus and open water.  We are about 55 nautical miles from McMurdo, the wind was blowing at 25+ knots and it was miserably cold!

The amazing patterns the "pancake ice" makes.

More shots of the vast frozen continent.

McMurdo Station behind Winter Quarter Bay.  In the middle is the Ice Pier built for Vessel off load in February.

This is a short video as we came in for a landing at the Helo pad.


The annual Halloween Party was great fun.  This is Dacre in the Transformer Kress costume he made.

Beer on snow.

Cassa and Kim.

Kelly, Twan, Dave and Chris.  We bartended again this year.

Our ATO Department's Meet and Greet Party.

To kick off each season we have a department "Meet and Greet" party.  We clean out the cargo bay, decorate it, have a BBQ and fill two stock tanks full of snow to keep the beer and soda cold.  After dinner is over the DJ plays music and the dance party starts.
Here's Liz, "Lesser Alex" and "Greater Alex".

Susie and Billy T.

Dave, Alex and Kelly.

Tim, Tony and Kelly.

Dance Party time.

Dacre, Talia, Kelly and Kristy.