Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MAAG - McMurdo Alternative Art Gathering

Christmas Eve after dinner and the walk, we went to the Carp Shop where they were hosting MAAG.  It's a long standing tradition at McMurdo and an opportunity for people to share their artistic talents with the community.  Here are several of the large art pieces we saw as we were approaching the Carp Shop.

It's like a giant Gerbil Wheel.

This was made from old Bowling Balls.

You can climb inside this Ship.

Lanterns made from Tui Beer cans.

Horses made from cuts of material by our friend Teri Fox.

Keros as Boozey The Clown and Alex the Pink Flamingo hosting the Fashion Show.

Mandy in her Paper Plate dress.

Randy and Kelly.

Gift, Kelly and Twan.

Alex still in partial costume dancing with Candy.

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