Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Random Pictures From The Past Few Days.

Weddell Seals sun bathing.

Helicopter in the distance.

View of Ice Runway from Ob Hill Loop.

Kelly by Vince's Cross.

Dave on Ob Hill Loop Trail.

One of two Helo's that Kelly helped load with Italian gear.

Thanksgiving Dinner Social.

 It's a long standing tradition for a group of folks to get together before dinner for drinks and a visit.
Here's Barb, Candy and Kelly.

 Wendy, Kathy, Todd and Sheri.

 Randy and Steve.

Peter, Pam, Greg and Shelly. 

 Kelly, Susie and Pam.

Wendy and Dave.

Thanksgiving Dinner.

Here's some pictures from our dinner in the Galley. 

Pam and Peter.

Wendy and Dave.  Another tradition is to have their picture taken with food in their teeth.

Three friends were dressed up as Turkeys, they made the rounds sharing Holiday cheer.

Dinner at New Zealand's Scott Base

It's kind of like going out of town for dinner.  A couple weeks ago some people from our department were invited over to Scott Base for drinks in the bar, then dinner.  Scott Base is just 3 kilometres from McMurdo, but it's much smaller and less busy.  Above is Tom, Jamie and Talia from Air Services with our host Gid.

Our boss Bill, Pete, Kelly, Joseph and Talia.
Melanie and Kelly.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kelly's Work Center

Cargo trucks waiting at Airfield for C17 to land with the Royal Society Mountain Range in the back ground.

 Kelly clearing cargo operations to the plane.

Robert and Kelly walking out.

Kelly waiting by tail of plane for ramp to open.

Kelly getting C17 shoring out.

Kelly bringing loaders out to the plane.

Aircraft down load started.

Pete and Kelly in the plane.

Over sized cargo push off plane onto sled.

Dave at the Shuttles van.

Chris and Kelly with Monica after her first down load and up load of a LC130. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Each year our department sponsor's the Halloween Party for the station and the past four years we've been bartenders. This year we had the best year to date.  Great beer sales, the decorating of the gym was amazing and people were still dancing at 1:15 in the morning. 

Lighting hanging from an Airdrop Parachute.

The stage.

The bar.

Behind the bar with Amy.

Twan came as Alan from the movie The Hangover.

Lisa as the Oregon Trail, covered wagon and Ox.

Jen and Kevin.

Kim and Pete.

Danny and Kelly.


Dave, Pam and Kelly.

Our ATO Meet and Greet Party

At the beginning of each season we have the ATO department "Meet and Greet" Party.  We hold this in our cargo bay.  After cleaning the bay, decorating it, acquiring BBQ Grills, flying in meat and vegetables from Christchurch, filling stock tanks with snow for beer and soda, then making a dance floor, the party starts.

Here's Tom and Liz.

Kelly and Randy.

Burke, Robert, Luke and Margo.

Lisa, Twan and Danny.

Lisa, Dave and Gift.