Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Trip To Royal City, WA

On Saturday September 17th, we drove up to Royal City, WA to visit Kelly's cousin Randy and his wife Cindy.  Dave had never been to their place and we hadn't seen them since last summer, so we thought it would be to head up there for a night.

Shortly after we arrived we all headed over to the Cave B Inn and Spa in George, WA where they also have a winery.  We shared a couple of bottles of wine and appetizers while enjoying the view of the Columbia River.  Here are a few photos from Cave B.  The curved roofed stone buildings are individual cliffehouses available for rent.

Sarah & Randy

Here's Randy showing Kelly one of his planes.

Here's Kelly in the plane.

Another shot of some of Randy's planes.

We had a fun ride in their Checker Cab, which they have nicknamed the Centipede.

Having breakfast out by the pool.

Driving over the Columbia River on our way back to Selah.

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