Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Time In Christchurch

We hadn't been to Christchurch since the day before the devastating earthquake in February.  Since most of the hotels we used to stay at were destroyed beyond repair, this time we were placed at the Airport Gateway  Motorlodge, which was about seven miles from the Central Business District.

One day, after our Load Planner class, we walked downtown to see what we could see of the city we've come to love.  There's still a fence around the central part of the city as it's cordoned off and guarded by the Military to keep people from entering.  We took several photos of what we could see through the gates as we walked around.
This portion of Le Cafe on the left, used to sit on top of the building you see braced up on the right.

Behind this rotunda in the middle of Worcester St. is what's left of the Christchurch Cathedral.

The view up Cashel St. through the Bridge of Remembrance.

There used to be several shops here where there is now this dirt lot on the corner of Oxford Terrace and Cashel Streets.

The leaning Grand Chancellor Hotel, where we stayed two years ago while in the city for our Load Planner Course.  This hotel is scheduled to be torn down.

Coyote's is the bar on the right in this photo.  It was one of our favorite places to sit outside along the river and have a beer on sunny days.

One of the many churches in the city which were destroyed.

The Crowne Plaza is the hotel we have been staying at for the past few years.  We were staying here the day before the earthquake.  This hotel is also scheduled to be torn down.

This church has the outside structure remaining and it's scheduled to be rebuilt using this old roof.

Friday evening after we all passed our course exams, we had a pizza party in our room.  Here's Molly, Sam (one of our Air Force Instructors), Danny and Jamie (our other instructor).

Shannon, Joe and Jen in our room.

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the home of our friends Dave & Sandra.  Here's Shannon, Christine, Kelly, Sandra and Dave.

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