Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Trip to Seattle and Randy's Apple Butter Party

Last Friday, August 5th we drove up to Seattle for the weekend.  We spent that night in Ballard with friends Elizabeth, Julie, Teri and Kristen.  Here's a photo of Elizabeth and Kelly at the Loft where we all met for Happy Hour.

Dave & Julie at Happy Hour

Saturday morning we drove out to Monroe for Randy Thompson's Apple Butter Party.  He usually holds this annual event in October, but since he's hoping to join us in Antarctica this winter, he held the party a few months early.  Traditional Apple Butter is made from fresh apples, but since that's a two day process, Randy has opted to use applesauce.  Here's Dave pouring one of the many cans in to the copper kettle.

Here's Kelly stirring the apple butter.  Randy along with his Parents and friends Alan & Wendy started the process at 5:00 am.  We showed up at 10:00 and other guest showed up throughout the day.

College friend Alan Mock was out from Wisconsin for the party.  Here he's entertaining us with music as Becky and Henry visit with Randy's Mom Roma Jo.

Henry's favorite part of the day was spent spraying the hose...he learned this from Kelly.

Alan & Dave enjoyed singing songs they used to do 25 years ago when they both lived in Indiana.

Everyone enjoyed the beautiful day as they awaited their turn to stir the Kettle.

Alan & Dave

Randy collected the names of his visitors on this sign.  He had over 40 people attend.

Randy takes his turn stirring

Wendy, Alan and Kelly

After 13 hours of
 stirring over the fire it has finally boiled down enough that we were ready for canning.

Alan & Jan lift out the stirring paddles as Pedro cleans it off with a spatula.

Kelly helping with the canning process.

Dave is scooping out the Apple Butter in a pot that Randy takes to the canning table.

Everyone had a job to do...

These jars are filled and cooling.

Henry's helping Kelly clean up.

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