Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dave's Camping Trip to Mt. Rainier National Park

On Thursday July 14, Dave drove up to Mt. Rainier National Park to meet up with friends from Antarctica for a long weekend of camping.  Kim Bowyer had reserved a group campsite at Cougar Rock Campground last winter for this first ever summer gathering of Ice folks from the Northwest.  We had a good turnout of 20 people and Kim has already reserved two spots for next summer in anticipation of this event growing.
Nichole, Amy & Bija

Drew's enjoying a beer around the campfire

Friday morning we did a hike up the Westside Rd. and then along the Emerald Ridge Trail.  Here are Drew, Nichole and Kim.

Moss hanging from a fallen log

Different colored moss on another fallen log.

Dave on a swinging bridge...that's about as far as he went...

...instead he opted to photograph the bridge from below.

Nichole crossing the bridge

Taking a lunch break

The view from further up the ridge

View of the Tahoma Glacier

A cluster of dwarf dogwood

Drew attempting to cross a stream via this small log.

The view looking down the valley

Shawn, Kim, Elizabeth & Nick

Amy & Julie

Rebbecca, Amy, Nathan, Nick and Julie

Saturday morning we did a short hike near our campground.  Here's Elizabeth with the river raging behind her.

Elizabeth & Andrea

Here's a shot of those who went on this hike; Nichole, Elizabeth, Shawn, Rebbecca, Kim, Jena, Ken, Drew, Dave, Nick, Andrea, Julie and Carrie.

Nichole & Drew waiting for the shuttle bus

Saturday afternoon we took the shuttle up to Paradise where we were welcomed with occasional views of the mountain.

Most of us took a hike up the trail for better views.  Normally in July this trail would have been through an alpine meadow full of wildflowers rather than on six feet of snow.

Jena & Nick hiking up a snow field

View of Cathedral Rocks

Dave & Rainier

Nick, Kim & Nichole near Panorama Point

Kim & Nick

View of our group with Rainier

A clear view of the mountain

Julie, Amy, Rebbecca, Elizabeth & Carrie

Moose & Drew

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