Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bend Cycle Pub

Ever since we read about the Cycle Pub earlier this spring we have been wanting to do it.  This pub on wheels was designed and built here in Bend and you basically pedal your way around town visiting various drinking establishments while drinking beers or wine along the way.  

We figured we had better experience this before we left again for Antarctica, so we got it booked for Sunday August 28th from 3:30 to 5:30.  It can accommodate up to 14 people, 12 of who actually pedal.  We had 13 people, so our extra person was the designated bartender.

Here we are in the parking lot getting ready to go.

Kelly's got his seat and is ready for the party to begin.

Here we are pedaling the cycle pub with Bill.

Christa, Mindy & Norman, with our driver Jen up front.

Our first stop was the Riverside Market where we enjoyed pints and a quick game of Cornhole.

Norman was playing it safe by wearing a bike helmet on his straw hat.  At this point he was also the DJ and the Bartender.

Here are Dave, Dave White, Bill and Kelly.  It was much harder pedaling this contraption than we thought it would be and we worked up quite a sweat as well as a thirst.

Shannon & Kelly at 10 Barrel.

Syd, Brian, Dave & Mindy hamming it up at 10 Barrel.

Shannon & Mindy up front with Norman, John, Dave, Syd, Sara, Dave White & Brian in back.

Here's the group shot as we're leaving 10 Barrel.

Syd, Bill, Dave, Norman & John as we pedal our way back to Goodlife Brewing Co. where the tour starts and ends.

Bill & Dave

Kelly, Mindy & Norman, back at the Goodlife biergarten.

Syd & Shannon at Goodlife Brewery.

Christa & Bill

After the cycle pub we went back to Norman & Dave's house.

Bill & Kelly

Syd & Dave

Dave White piles on the hammock with Sara & Brian.

Sara & Dave

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