Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bend Cycle Pub

Ever since we read about the Cycle Pub earlier this spring we have been wanting to do it.  This pub on wheels was designed and built here in Bend and you basically pedal your way around town visiting various drinking establishments while drinking beers or wine along the way.  

We figured we had better experience this before we left again for Antarctica, so we got it booked for Sunday August 28th from 3:30 to 5:30.  It can accommodate up to 14 people, 12 of who actually pedal.  We had 13 people, so our extra person was the designated bartender.

Here we are in the parking lot getting ready to go.

Kelly's got his seat and is ready for the party to begin.

Here we are pedaling the cycle pub with Bill.

Christa, Mindy & Norman, with our driver Jen up front.

Our first stop was the Riverside Market where we enjoyed pints and a quick game of Cornhole.

Norman was playing it safe by wearing a bike helmet on his straw hat.  At this point he was also the DJ and the Bartender.

Here are Dave, Dave White, Bill and Kelly.  It was much harder pedaling this contraption than we thought it would be and we worked up quite a sweat as well as a thirst.

Shannon & Kelly at 10 Barrel.

Syd, Brian, Dave & Mindy hamming it up at 10 Barrel.

Shannon & Mindy up front with Norman, John, Dave, Syd, Sara, Dave White & Brian in back.

Here's the group shot as we're leaving 10 Barrel.

Syd, Bill, Dave, Norman & John as we pedal our way back to Goodlife Brewing Co. where the tour starts and ends.

Bill & Dave

Kelly, Mindy & Norman, back at the Goodlife biergarten.

Syd & Shannon at Goodlife Brewery.

Christa & Bill

After the cycle pub we went back to Norman & Dave's house.

Bill & Kelly

Syd & Dave

Dave White piles on the hammock with Sara & Brian.

Sara & Dave

A Prairie Home Companion Comes to Bend

We were excited when we learned that Garrison Keillor was bringing his Prairie Home Companion Show to the Les Schwab Amphitheater this summer.  Although we must admit we don't listen to the show regularly, we do enjoy his humor and were happy to get the chance to see the show in person.

  We were also happy to learn that some friends of ours from New Mexico, who we worked with in Antarctica were coming up for the show.  Here we are with Carol & Richard (aka Stretch) at 10 Barrel the night before the show.

The show took place on August 25th and lasted nearly three hours.  Here are Garrison & Heather Masse from the Wailin' Jenny's, who was the musical guest. 

Garrison doing his thing, telling stories...and making everyone laugh!!!

At different times during the show he walked through the crowd as he was singing.

Heather & Garrison singing a duet as they walked through the crowd during intermission.

Hiking the Metolius River and Wizard Falls Hatchery

August 24th we drove to the Metolius River to do a hike as neither one of us had ever been there before.  It was designated a National Wild & Scenic River in 1988 and since we've heard of it's beauty and we live so close, it's some place we've been wanting to visit for years. 
This shot was taken at the headwaters of the river, which emerges from the ground near the base of Black Butte.  It's pretty unique to see this rushing river come right out of the ground.

From the headwaters, we drove downstream to the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery and checked out the tanks full of fish, which were a variety of different sizes.

Some of the trout at the hatchery.

Wizard Falls on the Metolious River.

Here's a spot we found during our hike where like the headwaters of the river, there's a large flow of water coming out of the side of a hill. 

Dave next to a Ponderosa Pine.

The Annual East Lake Camping Trip

Every summer we try to get to Cinder Hill Campground at East Lake with Norman & Dave.  This years adventure took place on Sunday August 21st.  After securing one of our favorite campsites, we headed to the beach to enjoy an afternoon of lounging in the sun.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had other things in store for us.  Not long after settling in at the beach, the sun disappeared behind some clouds, which were previously nowhere to be seen.  Shortly after that we heard the distant sound of thunder, which soon became rain and eventually hail.  Determined not to let a little inclement weather ruin our vacation, we stayed on the beach until it all blew over, which was about 25 minutes later.

Not long after the hail ended a Cicada flew in and landed on Norman.  Being locust like, we made some biblical jokes about having to endure the plagues of Egypt with the hail and then the Cicada.  Not long after that we discovered that between the beach and our campsite were literally thousands of tiny frogs.  They must have just recently morphed from their tadpole stage as they were crawling all over the rocks.  As you can tell in the photo below they weren't easy to see...can you find the frog???

Here's one of  the frog's on Dave's hand.  Fortunately the plagues ended, the water didn't turn red, we didn't get boils and the sun eventually came back out.

Dave White's enjoying the return of the sun... is Kelly.

Here's a dragonfly that landed on Dave's finger.

We met a nice couple from Portland who were camping for the weekend, so we invited them to come down to join us for cocktails.  Here are Dave & Norman with Mike & Jeff.

Here's Mike with their dog Bodhi.

Kelly enjoying the company & campfire

The Bend Brewfest 2011

Since we left for McMurdo in early August last year we weren't here to attend the Bend Brewfest, so we were happy to be here for the annual event this summer.  This year there were over 100 craft beers on hand for the tasting and it was held on three nights, August 18th - 20th.  No we didn't try all the beers, but we did enjoy getting to sample some beers we had never tried before from some local breweries as well as breweries from throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visits from Friends

The weekend of July 23rd and 24th, Paul Paladino came to visit Norman & Dave.  Here he is with Norman and Kelly when we were checking out the Central Oregon Builders Association Tour of Homes.

Sunday night we had a cookout at Norman & Dave's house.

Monday August 25th we got to visit with Sarah, Gunnar and Lily who were in town from New York.  It was great seeing them and how much the kids have grown.

Wednesday August 3rd, Kim & Pete came to town for the night.  Here they are with Amy & Kelly at the Alive After 5 David Lindley concert.

Monday August 8th we met up at Portello with Matt, Jen & Remy Johnson.  Matt is a Pilot with the New York Air National Guard and we work with him in Antarctica.  They were in town for vacation for a few days.

Here's Matt & Jen with their son Remy at 10 Barrell Brew Pub.