Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Annual 4th of July Pet Parade

We always enjoy watching the Pet Parade on the 4th.  There are hundreds of participants with a wide variety of  Pets.  Here are some photos of a few of our favorites.

Bends very popular Cycle Pub also took part in the parade.  This pub on wheels has room for 14 people who pedal around town as they drink.

This pouch is riding in a rocket on a bike.

The floating dog is always a crowd favorite.

This dog is dressed as a bee, complete with wings, antennae and goggles.

First Friday Maine Style

Since we were in Maine for the first Friday in July, Kelly thought it would be a good idea if we all created a piece of art to display on Friday night as a First Friday Art Walk, since we would be missing it back in Bend.

Everyone got involved and worked on their projects throughout the week.  We had all the art displayed on the front deck and enjoyed looking it over while drinking wine and swatting mosquitoes.

One of Cindy's projects was this painting she did on driftwood.

Delaney did this montage of the sea, which included a boat, starfish, lobster trap, fish and sea urchin.

Cindy also created this egret made from wire and shell and mounted on driftwood.

Brad used a magnifying glass to burn the letters on this driftwood.

Brad, Ana, Delaney and Cindy.

Kelly, Delaney and Ana
Dave decided to do a project with photos he took throughout the week.  Each of the photos were displayed in a slide show and then brought all together in the final slide as shown here.  Indian Point is the southern tip of Georgetown Island where the cabin is located.

Kelly used rocks he collected with wire and beads and brought them all together to create this rock sun catcher chain which is hanging from a tripod he made from tree branches.  It's still sitting at Keller's cabin for other's to enjoy.

Everyone enjoying the art.

Kristin used wire, beads and sea glass she collect at the beach, to make these decorative hiking sticks for she and John.

This is Jacob's contribution.  He loves pirate ships!

Ana made all these paintings as well as the sign with her last name on driftwood.

Spenser painted this buoy with his interpretation of the ocean and local beaches, which he hung inside a lobster trap he found on the rocks.

Brad and Cindy

John created this beautiful Zen piece with driftwood, rocks, shells, bark and wildflowers he picked.  

Everyone had such a good time making and displaying their projects.  Here everyone is toasting to the success of the evening.

Our Last Day In Maine

We packed allot in to our last full day at the Keller's Cabin.  Dave went on a walk with Spenser int he morning on some trails he had never been on before.  They saw a few deer and wild turkey as well as picking up a couple of ticks.

Dave sang with John & Kristin.

We all went to the beach one last time.  Here are Kelly & Brad crossing Little River to get over to the beach at nearby Reed State Park.

Ana, Jacob, Delaney & Kristin playing in Little River.

Delaney & Ana in Little River.

Spenser playing paddle ball with his parents at the beach at Reed State Park.

Cindy going for a return.

That evening we went back to Five Islands for dinner.

View from Five Islands.

Ana & Jacob at Five Islands.

The Gilbert family; Spenser, Delaney, Brad & Cindy.

The Keller Family; Kristin, Ana, Jacob & John.

Kelly & Dave at Five Islands.

View from Five Islands.

We all had ice cream after dinner.

After ice cream we headed back to the cabin for our First Friday Art Walk.

Our Hike To Indian Point

On Wednesday July 8th we all walked to Indian Point, which is the southern most point on Georgetown Island.  It takes about an hour to walk there from the cabin and we always enjoy looking for shells, sea glass and other treasures along the way.

Brad at Indian Point.

Jacob & Kristin hiking to the point.

Spenser and Dave at the point.

Our group shot at Indian Point.

John & Ana near the point.  You have to jump from rock to rock to avoid the very slippery seaweed.