Monday, June 20, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in Indiana

Tuesday May 24th we accompanied Mom Haney back to Indiana.  We spent the next three weeks there visiting friends and Dave's family.

All of Dave's family, with the exception of Kara, were able to make it to Goshen for Memorial Day weekend.  Here's a bunch of photos from the weekend, which culminated with a family gathering on Monday at the Club House in Mom Haney's Subdivision.

Steve with Hannah & Kylie

Anson Playing a game with Uncle Ryan

Here's Carter helping Great-Uncle Kelly with the dishes.

Kylie & Kelly

Here are all of Steve & Ginny's Grandkids. Anson, Hannah, Kylie, Carter, Nick & Jozef.

Here we are with Anson

Here's a cute little video of Anson showing us how he can wink back and forth with both eyes and then getting tickled by Dave

Here's Jozef and Eric playing frisbee golf at Ox-bow Park on Saturday morning.

Here's Alison & Steve when we were doing a walk along the Pumpkinvine Trail on Sunday afternoon.  We completed our walk just as a severe thunderstorm moved in to the area, which did spawn at least on tornado...welcome back to the Midwest!!!

Megan, Shaun and their kids came and stayed with us Sunday night after the storm let up.  Here's Shaun playing with Bennett & Avery.

Here's Micah grabbing a few cheese balls at Monday's family gathering.

Ginny, Addyson & Courtney as we get ready to eat.

Gathering for the prayer before the meal.

Rob, Trysha, Josh & Shaun.

Ginny holding Addyson

Addyson with Great-Uncle Dave.  She got lots of attention being the newest addition to the family.

Sitting around in the club house

Mom Haney

After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon out by the pool.

Since there has to be an adult in the pool with kids, we were the likely choice for the job so we got to play with them.

Here we are with Josh, Hannah, Carter & Micah

Kelly and the kids

Dave & Hannah

Carter & Morgan

Dave with Josh & Hannah

Steve, Rob & Trysha enjoying the sun.

Morgan, Hannah & Andrea

Kelly holding Morgan and Dave holding Addyson

After the family left we went with Mom Haney to the cemetery to plant flowers at Dave's Dad & Sister graves 

Mom Haney planting flowers at the cemetery.

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