Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kelly's 50th Birthday

Here's Kelly opening his card and a few gifts on Birthday morning.

Here he's showing off his new Zagiri shirt and if you look closely you'll notice the pill box on the counter which he also got.  Now that he's 50, he probably needs all the help he can get when it comes to remembering to take his pills.

After Kelly's first year working in Antarctica we visited the Daniel Schuster Winery in the Waipara Valley on the South Island of New Zealand.  We tried this really nice Pinot Noir but were told that it would be better if we saved it for five years.  We jokingly said at the time that we would save it for Kelly's 50th birthday although we really had no intention of doing so...well we did and we finally cracked it open to celebrate the occasion.

For his Birthday dinner we had a wonderful meal at Zydeco, our favorite restaurant in Bend.

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