Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Visit From Kara

Friday the 13th our Niece Kara drove down from Seattle for the weekend.  We get to see her every year when we're in Seattle, but Mom Haney hadn't seen her for a few years, so it was really nice to have her come down for a visit.

Our Trip to Cannon Beach

We left Tuesday morning for the Oregon Coast where we had a house rented for two nights at Cannon Beach.  It's our favorite spot on the coast and with all the bad weather we've had in the Pacific Northwest this spring, we were actually blessed with some beautiful weather for our visit.
We drove past this pretty field of canola on the drive over.

Kelly's folk's drove down from Washington and met us there.  Here's Kelly with his Mom in the front yard of our house.

The view from our deck

Mom Haney with Dad & Mom Cheek in front of our beach house.

Kelly with Mom & Dad Cheek.  Our house is the one to the left of the stairs.

Out for a walk along the beach.

Mom Haney walking the beach with Haystack Rock in the background.

A view of our house from the beach.

Mom Haney & Mom Cheek at Haystack Rock.

Haystack Rock

Dave & Mom Haney relaxing on the front deck.

The view of the living area from our bedroom loft.

Kelly, Mom Cheek & Mom Haney relaxing in the house.

The sun peaking through the clouds.

Dad Cheek tries on a fun hat while we were checking out the stores in town.

A group shot in front of our house.  It was a bit colder our second day there.

Coming down the stairs for a walk along the beach.

Mom Haney & Dave walking the beach.

Some colorful driftwood washed up on shore.

Dave on the beach.

One of the many streams leading to the ocean.

Kelly & Haystack Rock.

We had nice weather for the drive back to Bend on Thursday.  Here's a shot of Three Fingered Jack as we were coming over Santiam Pass.

Mother's Day

Since we had both of our Mom's with us on Mother's day we fixed them brunch which included Dave's special mimosa creation.  Our Sister-in-Law Ginny suggested we call it a Momosa since it was for Mother's day, so that's its new official name.
Here's Mom Haney with her Momosa.

Here's Mom Cheek enjoying her Momosa.

Kelly's getting the table ready for brunch, which consisted of Kelly's homemade savory muffins and Dave's two egg casseroles, one was sausage & veggies and the other was chicken, pesto and feta.

Mom Haney & Randy

Kelly's 50th Birthday Party

We had Kelly's party on Saturday the 7th and Randy came down from Seattle to attend.

Here's the spread of food we had.

Luis & Val were amongst the 26 guests we had.

Tom & Judy

Kelly, Luis & Lillian are checking out something on Tom's IPhone.

The two Birthday cakes, carrot & decadent chocolate.

Eddie, Evan & Kelly

Tom, Norman, Julie & Dave

Lillian, Jason & Luis

Mom & Dad Cheek came down from Selah, WA for the weekend.

Dave & Mom Haney.  She flew out the day before the party to spend a few weeks with us.

Kelly & Dave

Val, Paul, Dave White & Rex

Eddie & Lynette

Kelly's 50th Birthday

Here's Kelly opening his card and a few gifts on Birthday morning.

Here he's showing off his new Zagiri shirt and if you look closely you'll notice the pill box on the counter which he also got.  Now that he's 50, he probably needs all the help he can get when it comes to remembering to take his pills.

After Kelly's first year working in Antarctica we visited the Daniel Schuster Winery in the Waipara Valley on the South Island of New Zealand.  We tried this really nice Pinot Noir but were told that it would be better if we saved it for five years.  We jokingly said at the time that we would save it for Kelly's 50th birthday although we really had no intention of doing so...well we did and we finally cracked it open to celebrate the occasion.

For his Birthday dinner we had a wonderful meal at Zydeco, our favorite restaurant in Bend.

Ice Brunch at Rebecca's

When we flew back to the States from Puerto Vallarta we had to spend the night in Seattle before flying back  to Yakima the next day.  We spent the night with our friend Elizabeth and then joined her the next morning for brunch at Rebecca's house with other friends we had worked when in Antarctica over the years.

Here are Rebecca, Kelly, Elizabeth and Charlee.

Rebecca is showing her chickens to Elizabeth, John and Burmie.

Teri, Elizabeth & Dave

We shared many laughs that morning with the help of some delicious mimosas.

Elizabeth, Burmie, Melanie & Kristen

Elizabeth, Julie & Rebecca