Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Puerto Vallarta with Norman, Liz and Alex....

After spending a two weeks in Selah with Mom & Dad Cheek, we left on March 5th for Puerto Vallarta.  Unlike our normal post-ice travels where we are moving around from one place to another, we thought we would give staying put in one place a try.  We rented a three bedroom, three bath condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for four weeks which we shared with various groups of friends.

 The day we arrived just happened to be the day of their Mardi Gras pride parade.

Our first friend to arrive was Norman and here he is with Dave at the parade.

Kelly & Norman on the streets of PV enjoying the parade.

Norman and Dave on the terrace of our condo.

Here are a few photos of our condo Casa Benjamin.  You can check out the website at  It was a beautiful place and fit our needs perfectly.

Kelly & Norman are riding the funicular from the ground level up to our unit.

Our friends & suite mates Liz & Alex arrived on Monday.  Here they are in the small heated pool on our terrace.

Everyday we would spend at least a few hours at the beach.  Here's Dave, Liz & Alex at Ritmo's.

 Kelly at Ritmo's.  Ritmo's is the beach area where we hung out.  It's a bar/restaurant where they provide pallapas and umbrellas and you can spend as much time there as you'd like as you long as you end up buying something.

Here is the church in the main square of Old Town, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

While we were walking along the Malecon (paved walkway along the beach) one day we came across these guys climbing this pole.

They climbed up without ropes or harnesses.  When they got to the top they pulled up ropes that were hanging down and tied them around their feet.  They then started spinning the top portion they were seated on, wrapping the ropes around the pole.

They then proceeded to fall backwards, supported only by these ropes around their feet and they spun around the pole as the ropes unwound and lowered them to the ground.  It was pretty cool to watch!

A view of the Malecon along the beach in Old Town

Norman, Alex & Liz playing in the water.

Kelly lounging at the beach.

Alex loved the fact that he could shop at the beach without having to leave the comfort of his chair.  Here he is checking out a mask that one of the many beach vendors was trying to sell.

Here are Liz & Dave at The Swedes.  This turned out to be one of our favorite restaurants and their Crow's Nest Bar was awesome.

Here are Kelly & Norman relaxing on the terrace.

The first week we were there we saw Humpback Whales from the terrace of our condo almost every day.  This particular night there was a mother with her baby who were jumping out of the water constantly as they swam along the beach.  Here's a photo of the baby as it's jumping out of the water.

Norman & Tim coming down the funicular.

Here we are the Crow's Nest with some guys we met from Chicago.  Mike, Norman, Tim, Dave & Kelly.

Here's Carlos, our favorite waiter at The Swedes, signing Norman's chest.

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