Friday, February 25, 2011

Back in Christchurch

Since we flew to McMurdo on August 15th, we hadn't seen Christchurch since the earthquake they experienced on September 4th.  As we walked around the city last weekend we saw empty lots where buildings had stood and many buildings were being braced up, like the church in the photo below.  We also saw a lot of scaffolding around town as well as rebuilding and clean up still going on....that was during our three day stay...

... we flew back to the States on Monday February 21st, one day before the latest quake.  It's so sad to see the recent photos of Christchurch on the Internet.  This beautiful city we love now looks like a war zone. 

Buildings we had strolled past the day before, now lay in ruins.  Friends and co-workers still in the city ready for rest and relaxation, are now dealing with constant aftershocks, the loss of all their personal belongings and sleeping with 150 other people from McMurdo at the USAP clothing distribution center.

We are very thankful that we once again missed the devastation of this latest earthquake, but are even more thankful that all of friends and co-workers are safe.

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Peter said...

Hi Dave&Kelly - Not sure if you'll get this, but couldn't find an email address anywhere on your site.

I happened across your site recently and I noticed on one of your posts that you are a friend of Diane Flynn. I used to work w/ her in Denali many years ago, but have lost touch with her. Would greatly appreciate any contact info you may have, or at least possibly directing me as to where I might find her these days.

Btw...great site. You really get around.

Many thanks,
Peter Fielding