Thursday, January 6, 2011

Icestock Music Festival 2010

Icestock is an outdoor music festival that takes place here every year and features all local McMurdo talent.  Bands, Costumes, Art and Food all came together on New Years Eve for a 6 hour show.  Many people spend several days putting it all together.  They bring in a Challenger trailer for a stage, huts and milvans to house the Arts and Food.  Here's Nichole with her colorful hair and long blue eyelashes.

Melanie, Tracy and Kelly.

It looks like Luke has to many drink options!

Kim, Twan and Pete in their matching "hoodies".

Amy and Kaska striking a pose!

Flip and Lisa.

There was a large turn out with lots of dancing.

Grant, Brenda and Kelly.

Julie and Alex.

The nicest couple on station, Jen and Kevin.

Father Time made an appearance.

Julie, Dave and Geoff.

Fun group shot with friends.

Dave and Kaska dancing right up front by the stage.

One of the bands in their crazy costumes.

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