Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning

Since we're on the night shift, our Christmas morning was actually when we woke up at 3:30 pm.  After getting up and around, we got together with our suite mates Alex & Liz to watch each other open gifts.
Our gifts are in our stockings and on the top shelf and the gifts they brought over are on the bottom shelf.

Kelly with his Stocking.

Kelly got a travel book on the West Coast of Australia.

Liz with her gifts. 

Dave got a new Cubs Stocking Cap

Kelly got a New Zealand Autocar magazine.

Kelly opening a gift.

Dave opening a gift.

Kelly's new "10 Barrel Brewery" sweatshirt.

Alex got a bottle of Scotch.

Dave got some new Kaenon Sunglasses

Dave with his gifts...yes he got lots of underwear.

Kelly with his gifts...the ones that have come in the mail so far.

MAAG - McMurdo Alternative Art Gathering

Christmas Eve after dinner and the walk, we went to the Carp Shop where they were hosting MAAG.  It's a long standing tradition at McMurdo and an opportunity for people to share their artistic talents with the community.  Here are several of the large art pieces we saw as we were approaching the Carp Shop.

It's like a giant Gerbil Wheel.

This was made from old Bowling Balls.

You can climb inside this Ship.

Lanterns made from Tui Beer cans.

Horses made from cuts of material by our friend Teri Fox.

Keros as Boozey The Clown and Alex the Pink Flamingo hosting the Fashion Show.

Mandy in her Paper Plate dress.

Randy and Kelly.

Gift, Kelly and Twan.

Alex still in partial costume dancing with Candy.

Christmas Eve

Saturday we had our annual cocktail party before our Christmas Dinner.  Since we're now on the night shift, we actually slept a little too late, so we missed a good portion of it, however here are a few photos.
Shannon, Liz & Susie

Peter, Cara & Pam.

After a wonderful Christmas Dinner provided by our Galley Staff, some of us went for a walk.  There are 29 of us at our table for dinner, but only seven of us showed up for the walk.  Here are Kevin, Michiel, Sheri, Dawn, Randy, Jen & Dave at Hut Point.

Another shot at Vince's Cross with Dawn, Kevin, Sheri, Jen, Randy & Michiel.

Town Christmas Party

After the cocktail party in our room, we all made our way up the Heavy Shop, aka The VMF (Vehicle Maintenance Facility), where they were hosting the annual Town Christmas Party.  It's always fun to get out and see who's there, get your photo taken with Santa and do a little dancing.
Here's Kim and Melanie.

It's also a great time to see friends.  Liz, Dave and Susie.

Randy and Dave.

Group shot of people in our department with Santa.

Melanie, Matt and Amy.

The dancing crowd.

Twan had a fun time dancing.

Amy and Kelly.

At 1am the doors opened up and the party went outside.  Some how it became a shirtless dance party in 30 degree weather.

Annual Holiday Cocktail Party

Each year we host a Gin and Tonic Party in our room prior to the Town Christmas Party.  This tradition started five years ago when our friend Norman sent us some holiday straws and we needed an excuse to use them.  This is the first year we didn't have any straws to use, but after so many years, the cocktail party tradition lives on...straws or no straws.
  Tony, Dave and Monica.

Billy T. and Melanie.

Melanie, Dave, Kevin and Jen.

Amy, Kelly, Burke, Kevin and Jen.

Sully, Tony and Keros.

Tony, Dave and Twan.

Keros, Joseph, Melanie, Kelly and Bill.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Toys

Here's Kelly with one of our departments new cargo haulers.  It has a compartment on the back to carry people and a trailer for cargo.  He hasn't pulled the trailer yet, but did drive it to work the other day.  From McMurdo it's 16 miles out to the Runway we use the second part of the season and still took an hour to get there.  Pretty cool commuter!  Quiet, warm and 23 miles per hour on the flat snow road.  Not fuel efficient at all.

Runway Visitors

It always makes your day when you get to see these guys.  This picture was from October when we had 3 Emperor Penguins show up one day.

These Adelie Penguins paid us a visit last Thursday.

They just walked right past our Airfield office and loaders.