Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Trip to Cape Royds

Last Friday we took a trip to Cape Royds to see Shackleton's Hut and the Penguin rookery.  It was a beautiful night and was a 7 hour round trip excursion.   We did this trip with friends from work and traveled by Hagglund, a really cool Swedish tracked vehicle.  The first stop was at the Ice Cave.  Here's the stairs carved into the snow leading to it.

Looking down into the cave.

Kelly was the first one in.  Here's Dave on his way down.

Kelly inside the opening.

The walls of the cave where so slick and smooth with not much room to turn around.

Mother natures amazing work!  Huge ice crystals.

Mt. Erebus, Barnes Glacier and Weddell Seal.

A large crack in the sea ice we crossed with the Hagglund.

Barnes Glacier runs down from Mt. Erebus into the Ross Sea.

It's really big!

Dave being Dave!

Through this opening in the sea ice you can see the bottom of the ice we were standing on.  It was roughly six feet thick.

We saw these Adelies coming our way, so we just sat down on the ice and waited for them to come to us.  They walked right up and check us out.

Dave and the Penguins.

The ride to the Glacier.

This is the Hagglund we traveled in.

Kelly and Dave.

Kelly and Twan.

Shots around the outside of Shackleton's Hut. Shackleton was a Bristish Antarctic explorer and he built this hut during his 1907 expedition on the ship Nimrod.  That's a seal skull in the box.

Those are penguin feathers all over the ground!

Inside the Hut.

View of Mt. Erebus from the penguin rookery.

This one is sitting on an egg.

The penguins sitting on their eggs in their nests made of stones.

This group is heading out onto the ice.

Shackleton's Hut.

On the way back we stopped at a huge iceberg that was frozen into the sea ice last season.

Kelly at the ice berg.

Look at the size of it!  Think how much is below the surface.

The whole group. Seth, Kelly, Melanie, Dave, Jamie, Justin, Kaska, Amy, Twan and Brian.


Pat said...

Kelly & Dave.. these pictures are really awesome. What fun things you get to do down there. Keep the great pictures coming!!..Are you starting to get ready for Christmas? I am amazed at all the party's and wonderful looking food you guys get to eat all the time. Take care you guys!!.Pat & Darrell

Meg said...

I love seeing your penguin pictures! That ice is amazing, too!