Monday, November 1, 2010

ATO Meet and Greet Party

At the beginning of each season our department hosts a "Meet and Greet Party" with a great BBQ, beverages and dancing.  We had great steaks, chicken and pork loin as well as many other good foods and a good time was had by all.  This was also the weekend when the people that will be working nights the first half of the season start their transition to nights.  We're part of the group and we'll now be on the night shift until the week before Christmas.
Twan working the deep fryer with poppers and kumara fries!

Seth on the grill.

Kim, Pete and Twan.

Our boss Bill with Julie and Amy.

Flip, Kelly, Twan and Justin dancing.

Dave and friends.

Dave, Kaska, Justin, Amy, Twan, Flip and Brenda.

Julie and Dave.

Amy and Julie. This wine has a awesome name.  It's a "Cheeky little Sav".

Julie and Julian.

Alex, Kelly and Flip.

After dancing Twan made a great pillow for Kelly!

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