Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Zealand P3 Rescue Flight

Back in mid September, during the Winfly period when we weren't suppose to be getting any flights, we had a situation on Station that required us to have a plane come down to take someone back to New Zealand.  Since the U.S. Air Force didn't have any planes in the area, the New Zealand Air Force sent down a P3 plane.  The weather was pretty bad during this time, but after two days of delays due to storms they finally made it in. 
Here's a shot of the plane as it was coming in for a landing.

Here's the P3 as it's coming on to the ramp

We thought the whole operation wasn't going to take very long, but the plane was on the ground for around two hours.  Someone told us the following day that there was a photo of the two of us working the plane on the national news in New Zealand that day.

Here's a photo of Dave warming his toes.  Since we didn't think we were going to be out there very long, we didn't dress as well as we should have.

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