Friday, September 3, 2010

Orientation in Denver

As mentioned in the previous posting we had already left Bend, which we did on August 4th.  We spent three nights with Mom & Dad Cheek in Selah to spend time with Kelly's family and we flew to Denver on Saturday the 7th.  Due to bad weather in Seattle the day we left, our flight out of Yakima was delayed, so we missed our connection in Seattle.  We had to wait about 4 hours before we could catch another flight.  We were suppose to have had dinner that night with friends at Pam's house, but since we didn't arrive at our hotel until close to 9 pm, it was postponed a day.  So here are some photos from the next night at Pam's.

Jen, Mandy, Susie & Tony.  Mandy and Tony aren't coming back this year, so we're really glad we got to see them on our way through Denver.

Susie, Tony & Kris

Pam & Kelly

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