Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Fun Story as told by Dave

Two weeks ago on our first Saturday night here we couldn't find anything on TV we wanted to watch, so we decided to watch some episodes of Bondi Rescue.  Bondi Rescue is a popular Australian reality show, which follows the lives of the lifeguards at Bondi Beach in Sydney and what they have to deal with in their daily lives as they work the most popular beach in Australia.

We became acquainted with this show a few years back when we started receiving the Australian Network here via our Kiwi neighbors over the hill at Scott Base.  We both really enjoyed the show and were disappointed to find out that it was no longer on, when we returned here the following season.

I sent an e-mail to the Australian Network and told them how much we enjoyed the show and wished they would carry it again.  They wrote back and said the show was so popular that they could no longer afford to carry it.  They also sent me the e-mail address of the production company who did the show in case I wanted to write to them.

That day I sent the producer an e-mail explaining that we worked in Antarctica and how much we enjoyed the show and wished we could continue to watch it here on the Australian Network.  The next day I received a response from Michel Cordell, the owner of Cordell Jigsaw, and the producer of the show.  He asked me for our address and was kind enough to send us DVDs of season's 2 & 3.  It's been great to watch these from time to time, especially after a long cold day at work as it gives us something to look forward you may know we love beaches!!!

So back to that Saturday night... as we were looking at the DVDs, we realized we had never seen the last episode from season 2.  Kelly put it in the player and shortly after it started the lifeguards from Bondi got called over to nearby Tamarama beach where there was a red bellied black snake spotted on the beach.

Kelly looked at me and said there was a snake on the beach at Tamarama when we were there one time.  I then remembered that there were actually people with cameras there filming some people who were trying to catch the snake.  It then hit me that the people trying to catch the snake were in blue shirts, just like the lifeguards from Bondi....just then Kelly yelled "There's me!"  We couldn't believe it, we were actually at the beach that day and Kelly got on TV.  We had never even heard of Bondi Rescue back then, so of course we had no idea why someone was filming that day and we never gave it another thought since then.

We had such a good laugh over that and we both just sat here in shock that we've had these DVDs for a couple of years now and never saw this one.  We'll be sure to bring them back home with us after the season in case anyone wants to see Kelly, the Australian TV star, but if you want to check it out on YouTube now here's the link  Drag the cursor to 5 minutes and 47 seconds in to the show and you can see him walk in to the shot in his blue swim trunks.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Kelly! You're practically famous. Maybe the Jersey Shore will consider you for casting once they see your "cameo." Loves the story and the link!