Friday, August 6, 2010

Highlights from the Past Month

We've packed allot of activities in during the past month.  Since this summer was a short one for us, we wanted to enjoy it as much as we could.  We've already left Bend and are headed back to McMurdo for another season.  Yes, it's much earlier than usual, but the opportunity was there so we decided to take advantage of it....even though it means missing out on some of the best weeks of summer...

This post is a plethora of photos of some of the things we've packed in to our last month.
Last Saturday Dave got to go sailing at Elk Lake with our friends Amy, Pat & Celine.  Kelly chose to stay home and get some errands done....bad choice on his part!

Sailing on Elk Lake towards South Sister

We had the pleasure of having Jan & Roma Jo Thompson visit us on Wednesday July 28th.  We showed them around town and had them spend the night before they continued with their travels the next morning.

This summer we've been meeting Amy at Portello, a wine bar in Bend, on Monday afternoons for their Happy Hour.  All wines on their menu are $5 a glass on Monday's, so we've tasted some wonderful wines these past few months while sitting outside and enjoying the warm summer breezes.

The past few weeks Norman joined us for a drink after he got off work.

The Cascade Cycling Classic takes place in Bend every summer.  Here's a shot of the Criterium, where the Cyclists race through the streets downtown.  There were an estimated 15,000 people in town that night (July 24th) to watch the event.

On Friday July 23rd we took our canoe up to Sparks Lake for a nice afternoon paddle.  Here's Dave with Mt. Bachelor in the background.

Here's a shot of Broken Top taken from Sparks Lake

The Scenery at Sparks Lake

Sunday July 18th we went camping at East Lake with Norman & Dave.  We were able to get one of our favorite campsites again, so we were very happy about that.  Norman & Dave brought their Taj Mahal tent (very large) and here's Kelly & Dave trying to squeeze a queen size air mattress through the door.

Norman in the tent preparing to set up the bed.

Dave, Norman & Dave White catching some rays on the beach

Kelly, Norman & Dave W. on the beach at East Lake

Campfire going and cocktails in hand, we were settling in for a fun night...

Norman, peering out of his tent

Kelly & Norman look like their up to no good!

Dave White's having a good laugh over was probably Norman...

Norman & Dave Haney

Kelly & Norman warming up on the beach Monday morning.  It was the coldest night we had ever experienced at this campground.

We're glad not too many people know about this wonderful campground... maybe that's why we've always gotten our favorite site!

Shot of our tents at our site

Saturday July 17th Dave went to a Bare Naked Ladies concert at the Les Schwab Amphitheater.  It was a great concert and a fantastic fun filled evening.

Here's Dave at the concert with Pat, Amy & Sherry

Tuesday July 13th we went for a hike up Tumalo Mountain.  We never get tired of seeing these amazing views.  This shot is of South Sister, Middle Sister and Broken Top.

A close-up shot of South Sister

Saturday July 10th our friends Chris & Natalie and their daughter Amalie came down for a visit from The Dalles.  After a fun afternoon at the Bend Summer Fest, we had everyone over to the house for dinner.  Here's Natalie, Chris holding Amalie, Amy, Callie & Kelly.

Chris & Amalie

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