Friday, July 9, 2010

Poppies & A Beautiful Sunset

We get excited every year when our poppies start blooming.  Between the three plants, we get over 100 large flowers.  We love the orange color it brings to our backyard.

Aren't they gorgeous!!!

Last evening we took a short drive over the ridge to see how the construction is coming on Matthew Fox's house.  For those of you who don't know who he is, he was the star of "Lost" and he's building a house in the Highlands, which is across the road from us about a mile away.  It looks like there's a bit more work to be done before he and his family will be moving in.

On the drive back home we had to stop to take these photos of what is one of the most beautiful sunsets we've seen here in Bend.

Broken Top Sunset

Mount Washington Sunset

Our car at sunset

What an incredible evening!!!

4th of July Weekend

Mindy came down last weekend from Seattle to celebrate her 40th birthday and the 4th of July with Norman & Dave.  They had a party for her at their house on Saturday night.

Dave, Kelly, Mindy, Dave & Norman

Mindy and Dave

Sunday morning was the annual Pet Parade.  Yes, it sounds silly and we have pictures on the blog of it every year, but the animals are just too darned cute to not share with everyone.

Our friends Ed & Evan with their dog Radcliffe

This dog was quite the site with it's dreadlocks

The wiener dogs, of the two in back, one has Ketchup on it's back and the other has mustard

The parade always ends with the crowd favorite...the dog floating from the helium balloons

We watched the fireworks from the street in front of our was a little cold...

Judy's Garden Party

Our friend Judy invited us to a garden party that she hosted for her friends in the Master Gardener's group.  She has an amazing flower garden, so we always enjoy getting to see what she has done with her place.

Our friends Jane & Robin came in to town for a few days visit, so we had them join us at Judy's.

Seattle, Suncadia and Selah

The day after the game we got to visit with Dave's Niece Kara and her partner Kate who live in Ballard

The morning of the 26th we left Seattle and drove to the Suncadia Resort just outside of Roslyn, WA.  Kelly's Uncle Frank and Aunt Kay were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, Franks 85th birthday and Kay's 80th birthday and the party was held here at the Suncadia Inn later that evening.

We arrived early so we could watch the World Cup match between the USA and Ghana.  Here we are after the match drowning our sorrows in a couple of cocktails on the deck of our room.

Here's Mom & Dad Cheek at the party that evening

Here's Dennis, Trevor, Mom & Dad Cheek, Dave & Janelle at our table

Mom and Dad Cheek with her big brother Frank.

Raeleen, Trevor & Dennis

Kelly's cousins, Zach & Janelle

Dave, Janelle & Sarah

Cousin Randy, Mom Cheek & Uncle Frank

Aunt Kay & Raeleen

Kelly's Cousin Chris with Dennis, Raeleen & Trevor

Kelly's Cousin Cindy wedged between Trevor & Dennis

Janelle, Cindy, ? & Sarah

Left to right: Dennis, Trevor, Raeleen, Mom Cheek, Cindy, Dave, Dad Cheek & Kelly

Dave, Janelle & Sarah on the deck

Janelle, Sarah & Kelly on the deck.  It was a bit chilly outside but there was a beautiful full moon

When we left Suncadia Sunday morning we drove through the little town of Roslyn, which if you didn't know was where they filmed the TV series "Northern Exposure"  This cafe was in the opening credits of the show with a Moose walking past this mural

The Brick is a bar in town that was used a lot on the show

After our quick trip through Roslyn, we headed over to Selah where we spent a couple of days with Mom & Dad Cheek.  Here's Trevor brushing his horse Diesel.