Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Trip to Southern Africa Begins

We were a bit naive to think we would be updating the blog during our time in Africa. There were just far too many photos taken and too few times we were actually near a computer. And besides...why would we want to spent time on a computer when we were on vacation anyway?

We are now back home and have taken on the task of sorting through all our photos and whittling them down to a mere 235 that we want to post. Please don't be overwhelmed by the number of photos and don't attempt to view them all in one sitting (like anyone would do that anyway). Instead savor them over the course of a few days or weeks so you can enjoy seeing them almost as much as we enjoyed taken them.

Before we start with the photos, we'd just like to say we had a fantastic time. Besides the rain we had when we arrived in Jo'burg, the weather during the following 18 days was fantastic and rain free. We'll attempt to tell the story of our trip as best we can with photos and here we go!!!
We got our tickets for the trip by cashing in miles with Alaska Airlines. We decided if we were going to go on such a long trip that we might as well fly First Class & Business Class. That was a decision we will never regret. It afforded us access to all the VIP lounges for the different airlines we flew with, which entitled us to free drinks and food in a great atmosphere while we waited for our flights. In this photo Dave is showing that by extending his legs straight out  he still couldn't touch the seat in front of him. Now that's leg room!!!

This is the KLM 747 we flew from Chicago to Amsterdam

Here's Kelly enjoying the flight to Johannesburg

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Lindy said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. IT looked like an amazing time. Would love to see more pictures. Lindy