Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kruger National Park

On April 21st we drove to Kruger National Park.  We had really been looking forward to seeing this park as it's the crown jewel of the South African parks.  The park is 217 miles long from north to south with an average width of 36 miles.  It borders Limpopo National Park in Mozambique and Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe which nearly doubles the area the wildlife can roam.
We entered the park at the Orpen Gate and did a game drive on the way to our campsite at Satara.  The sites were fenced in so we were protected from the wildlife.  We did game drives most of the next day before moving on to a different campsite. Here are some of the animals & sites we saw during the first two days in Kruger.

One of the first things we spotted were Giraffe.

A male Waterbuck

Blue Wildebeest

A male Ostrich

An Agave or Sisal plant, which is used to make rope, bags or rugs


A juvenile Brown Hyena

More Giraffe

This is a Saddle-billed Stork.  There are less than 100 remaining in all of South Africa, so we were very fortunate to see this one.

A female Waterbuck with babies.

A Dwarf Mongoose

A Black-backed Jackal

A Jackal an Impala and Zebras.

Our second night in Kruger we camped at Maroela.  This is one of our driver/guides Geoff preparing our dinner.  He had it pretty much all ready when we got back from our night game drive.

Gayle, Sharyn & Riccardo.  These three, all from Australia joined the tour in Livingstone after Cian, Miriam and Jane left
Serving up dinner!

The next morning we did another game drive before leaving the park.  We saw a couple different groups of vultures not far from our camp so we knew there were at least two fresh kills nearby.  Unfortunately we never got close enough to see what they were.  We also never saw any cats while in Kruger.  This was a big disappointment for us, but at least we saw some Lions in Chobe.

The last thing we saw was this African Buffalo.

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