Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back Through Botswana

The morning of April 19th we said our goodbyes to Cian, Miriam & Jane as they were finished with their part of the tour.  We drove back in to Botswana and experienced the first rain of our trip (Some said it was due to missing the "Luck of the Irish").  It rained off and on during the drive to Elephant Sands where we camped for the night.  We were told the night before we arrived there were 40 elephants at our campground drinking from the water hole.  There was a game drive offered this night and Dave decided to do the game drive and Kelly stayed back at camp to watch for elephants.
This was the beautiful open bar and restaurant at Elephant Sands.

Dave along with Malcom, Gayle, Sue, Riccardo and Sharyn heading out on their game drive.

Kelly took this shot while he was waiting for elephants.

Dave took this shot as the sun was setting on the game drive.  He did see two lions as they were driving back to camp.  They had been drinking from a water hole and were about 100 feet from some people who were out camping with three small children.  They were pretty excited to hear there were lions nearby.

Kelly only saw this lone elephant while Dave was gone.

 However after Dave came back there were two elephants who came up and drank out of the pool.  It was pretty exciting to be standing so close to them.

The next morning we got up at 4 am to get ready for a 5 am departure.  It was pouring down rain, which made breaking camp and packing the truck pretty miserable.  We stopped a few hours later for breakfast at this spot near a beautiful baobab tree.

Enjoying some breakfast and a chance to stretch the legs.  This was our longest driving day at 13 hours.

This sign reads "Keep Botswana Clean"  Obviously someone can't read.

This family went passed during our breakfast stop.

Africa has many trees and shrubs with long thorns on them.  This photo shows how long some of these thorns are compared to Dave's finger.

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