Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amadwala Lodge & Khama Rhino Sanctuary

After our tour of Soweto we took a taxi to Amadwala Lodge where we spent the night and met the people we would be traveling with on our Intrepid tour.  There were 16 of us on the tour plus our two driver/guides Jimmy and Geoff.  Our group consisted of six Americans, seven Australians, two Irish and one Malaysian. 

Of course everyone was anxious to see who we would be traveling with since the dynamics of the group can really make or break whether you have a good time or not.  We really couldn't have asked for a better group of people.  We all got along great which was such a relief, especially since we would be traveling over 2,700 miles during the next 13 days.  That made for a lot of time riding in the truck in close quarters.

Here's Kelly and Randy at our Guest House in Johannesburg while waiting for our taxi

We spent the first night in this bedded tent at Amadwala

There was this cool sculpture of a Kudu at the lodge

Randy & Kelly by the pool at Amadwala Lodge

The next morning were up at 6 am and were introduced to the truck we would be traveling in for the next two weeks.  Everyone in the group shared responsibilities during the trip.  As well as occasionally helping to clean-up after meals, we also took on the duty of packing the truck with the sleeping pads and bags, loading the tents on the top rack of the truck and tying them down.

We got a chuckle out of seeing this sign at one of the first stops of the day.  It reads "Doctor Dodona- We mostly deal in problems"

After crossing the border in to Botswana, we stopped at a Petrol station and had lunch .  There was this Hippo in a pond at the station,which had come up from the nearby Limpopo River.

We camped that night at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, which lies on the edge of the Kalahari Desert.  This sanctuary was created by the government of Botswana to help protect the endangered Rhino population from poachers.  After setting up camp we went on an evening game drive.


The endangered White Rhino

A male and female Kudu

Part of our group on the game drive

A  herd of Springbok

Springbok in the setting sun

A Red Heartbeast

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