Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Weekend in Seattle

The first stop of the Seattle trip was a stop at the "Graber house".  Rich, Diane and the girls used to live in Bend, Diane and Kelly worked together.
Rich and Diane had just returned from Mexico. 
Diane opened the Martini Bar and made "lemon drops", the girls entertained us until Rich came home from work.
Here's Sydney with her bunny Pepper.
Lexi and her bunny Salt.
We stayed at our friend Randy's house and we meet up with friends in Ballard Saturday night for drinks and appetizers. Here's Randy, Steph, our niece Kara, Elizabeth(a friend from Antarctica), Dave and Kelly.
Elizabeth and her first new car.  
Sunday on our way back to Yakima we stopped in to see our friends Matt & Becky and their little boy Henry.  Here's the little fella with Kelly.

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