Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Visit to Indianapolis

Tuesday the 15th we packed up the car with Mom Haney, Anson & Kylie and drove to Indianapolis.  Our Niece Alison and her husband Eric had just closed on a house there on Monday, so we took the kids down to them.  We spent the rest of the week there visiting more family.

We stayed with our Niece Megan & her family in Brownsburg on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and got some good play time with her kids Avery & Ben.  Here they are driving their little Jeep up and down the driveway.
Here's Ben taking a break in his Little Tikes car
Avery enjoyed this nice spring day climbing the tree in their front yard
Thursday we moved over to our Nephew Rob's house where he's the new Pastor at Northview Church of the Brethren.  Friday morning we had a nice visit with Jan & Roma Jo Thompson.  Our friend Erica Colburn was in town and she drove over and we spent about five hours catching up with her as well.

Here's a photo of us with Erica and Rob & Trysh's dog Mister.
Saturday we spent a lot of time with Rob & Trysha's boys Josh & Micah.  In this next photo Micah decided to crawl in Mister's cage with him.
Micah peeking through the tires at the Church's playground.
Great Uncle Dave spent a lot of time on the basketball court with Josh.  He's pretty darn good for a second grader.
Kelly playing horse with Josh.....we won't mention who won... so as not to embarrass Kelly.
Dave kicking the soccer ball around with Micah.
Josh at the top of a rope jungle gym at a nearby park.
Mister, Josh, Kylie, Anson & Ben after Church on Sunday.

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