Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Days in Christchurch

Sunday afternoon we were invited to join a few others from our department at the home of Leighton Cameron, the head of the Christchurch Travel Office, for a cookout with some of his staff. It was a nice chance to visit with people we work with during the season in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here's a photo of Amy & Billy T.
Kelly & Susie
Susie & Kelly watching Leighton on the grill
Here's Nichole, Natasha, Lisa, Amy Craig & Melanie enjoying drinks in Leighton's backyard.
Our blog wouldn't be complete without the annual flower photos from the Botanical Gardens. We hope everyone can appreciate how nice it is to see & smell flowers after 4-1/2 months in Antarctica.
This piece of art was staged in front of the museum at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens. Yes, it's real grass and a real lawnmower.

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