Friday, January 22, 2010

Open Water Brings a Plethora of Wildlife

Two nights ago Dave was off work and went for a walk to Hut Point with our friend Rachel. Kelly was there the night before and reported to have seen penguins and whales.

From our last posting just a few weeks ago with the penguins in the snow storm you can now see how much open water there is. The color of the water was really beautiful and a nice backdrop for the penguins.
Here we actually saw a Minke Whale swimming past some penguins out on the other side of the open water. The flag in the photo is where there was a road we were driving on just six weeks ago.
This is the Oden, the Swedish Ice Breaker hired to cut a channel through the ice and to guide in the "USNS Paul Buck", the tanker with our fuel resupply and the "American Tern", the ship that brings all our food and cargo resupply.
The tanker arrived at the dock today and the American Tern is due here in a few weeks.
It's not a great photo, but it's the first time Dave has ever seen a seal swimming here. Normally they lay on the ice and sun themselves.
After a visit to Hut Point, we walked on the Ob Hill Loop Trail, which is one of the trails close to station. It was such a beautiful night that we had to shed our hats and coats.

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