Friday, January 22, 2010

A Double Party Weekend

Last Saturday there were two parties going on in town and we wanted to attend both of them. The first one was thrown by the BBC, yes that's the British Broadcasting Company who have been here filming for most of the summer. It's the same group of people who filmed and created the "Planet Earth" series that was shown on The Discovery Channel. They are creating a new series called "Frozen Planet", which will come out in January of 2012.

They hosted this party as a thank you for people who assisted them while they were here. The main guest of honor was Sir David Attenborough who will be narrating this new series. He was here for the past couple of weeks. We felt funny about taking a photo or him, although we did talk to him. Here are a few other photos from the party, which ended up as a very fun dance party.

Josh & Tracy
Kelly & Brooks
Alex, Julie & Liz
After spending some time with the BBC, we went to the big gym for "Freezing Man". This is McMurdo's version of "Burning Man" which takes place in the desert outside Reno every summer. Our friend and Co-worker Sully spent a lot of time organizing this party, so we had to go check it out.
Here's Dave with Gordon & Flip's head.
Brandon & Tony were bar tending. If you can't, tell people were encouraged to dress up for the party.Sully and others with hula hoops.Audrey & AndrewFlip & MandyBrandon as an Oompa Loompa

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