Friday, January 29, 2010

More Penguins......

A few days ago Kelly was returning from the Airfield and found this lone Emperor. Here are his foot prints. Belly surfing.
Mt. Erebus in the back ground.

One more shot.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Annual McMurdo vs Scott Base Rugby Match

Sunday the 10th was the rugby match between McMurdo & Scott Base. Once again our team was shut out, this time 23-0, but it was still fun to watch and an incredibly warm and sunny day.

The only downside was that the match started at 2:00 pm and we're on the night shift. Kelly was feeling under the weather and decided sleep was more important than watching the match. Dave however was up at 12:45 to catch the 1:15 shuttle.

We were both bartenders for the town Halloween party and Dave was a co-coordinator for the event. Since we made $1,500 on our beers sales we decided to donate this money to the Rugby team to pay for their team jersey's. We got recognized for this contribution after the match and it was nice to see them all dressed in matching uniforms for the first time ever.

Here's a crowd of people ready for the match to begin.
The McMurdo team lined up and ready to begin.
A few of our Co-workers who were at work that day stopped to watch the match for awhile on their way to the airfield.
Mt. Erebus was a nice background.
Julie & Candy enjoying the warm weather.
Here's our friend Chris who worked with us last year. There were seven of our Co-workers from this year who were members of the McMurdo team.
Some people decided to ski to the match rather than take a shuttle.
Our friend Brandon kicking the ball.
Shadows of the people riding to the transition on the back of a sled
Here are a few photos of the pressure ridges at the Scott Base transition near the rugby field. The pressure ridges are formed when the glacier ice presses against the sea ice.

A Double Party Weekend

Last Saturday there were two parties going on in town and we wanted to attend both of them. The first one was thrown by the BBC, yes that's the British Broadcasting Company who have been here filming for most of the summer. It's the same group of people who filmed and created the "Planet Earth" series that was shown on The Discovery Channel. They are creating a new series called "Frozen Planet", which will come out in January of 2012.

They hosted this party as a thank you for people who assisted them while they were here. The main guest of honor was Sir David Attenborough who will be narrating this new series. He was here for the past couple of weeks. We felt funny about taking a photo or him, although we did talk to him. Here are a few other photos from the party, which ended up as a very fun dance party.

Josh & Tracy
Kelly & Brooks
Alex, Julie & Liz
After spending some time with the BBC, we went to the big gym for "Freezing Man". This is McMurdo's version of "Burning Man" which takes place in the desert outside Reno every summer. Our friend and Co-worker Sully spent a lot of time organizing this party, so we had to go check it out.
Here's Dave with Gordon & Flip's head.
Brandon & Tony were bar tending. If you can't, tell people were encouraged to dress up for the party.Sully and others with hula hoops.Audrey & AndrewFlip & MandyBrandon as an Oompa Loompa

Open Water Brings a Plethora of Wildlife

Two nights ago Dave was off work and went for a walk to Hut Point with our friend Rachel. Kelly was there the night before and reported to have seen penguins and whales.

From our last posting just a few weeks ago with the penguins in the snow storm you can now see how much open water there is. The color of the water was really beautiful and a nice backdrop for the penguins.
Here we actually saw a Minke Whale swimming past some penguins out on the other side of the open water. The flag in the photo is where there was a road we were driving on just six weeks ago.
This is the Oden, the Swedish Ice Breaker hired to cut a channel through the ice and to guide in the "USNS Paul Buck", the tanker with our fuel resupply and the "American Tern", the ship that brings all our food and cargo resupply.
The tanker arrived at the dock today and the American Tern is due here in a few weeks.
It's not a great photo, but it's the first time Dave has ever seen a seal swimming here. Normally they lay on the ice and sun themselves.
After a visit to Hut Point, we walked on the Ob Hill Loop Trail, which is one of the trails close to station. It was such a beautiful night that we had to shed our hats and coats.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Penguins are here.....

A coupe days ago we walked down to Hut Point in a snow storm and found these 11 Adelie Penguins hanging out on the ice. They would get up every few minutes and shake the snow off then lay back down. Yesterday when Kelly was driving out to the Airfield he stopped and got these shots of the Emperor Penguins. They are so much bigger than the Adelie's. These guys are close to 3 feet tall.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Stock 2010

Saturday January 2nd was Ice Stock, our annual outdoor music festival. Unfortunately it was held from noon until 6:00 pm, which didn't work out well for us night shift workers. Unlike some of our coworkers we couldn't hear the noise from our room, so we slept through the first part of it and got there around 3:00 pm.

It was one of the nicer days we've had for Ice Stock in recent years. It wasn't snowing and it wasn't really windy.

Here's Alex & Liz hanging out with friendsDave & Nichole
The crowd enjoying the music of Porn Spill...which is our favorite band!Tom, Leighton, Susie & Kelly
The crowd at Ice Stock
James & Katie, the lead singers for Porn Spill.Julie & Liz with Brian, our NSF Rep.Kaska & Dave