Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve Cocktail Party

Thursday night we hosted our third annual Christmas Eve Cocktail Party. This was our biggest party yet as we had at least 30 or more people there at some point during the evening. Our first guest showed up at 6:30 pm and we didn't leave the room to head to the town Christmas Party until 9:30. We served gin & tonics and one of us was pretty much making them the whole time. We ended up going through five liter bottles before we cut everyone off and made them switch to beer.
Here's Matt, Susie, Tom, Gordon and Steve-O on the floor.
Sarah & Jen stopped by and posed with Susie.
When the room got full, the party overflowed in to the hallway. Here's Brandon, Kelly, Mandy & Flip.Rachel & Ron
The past two years our friends Norman & Dave sent us fun straws for the party. This year we gave them to six people who hadn't been to our Christmas party before. The straws are known for making the drinks hit you harder. Here's a before shot of Flip, Grant, Matt, Sully, Amy & Gordon....
....and the after photo....posed of course!
Here's a group shot of most of the people who are on our shift.
Twan, Mandy, Flip & Natasha
Julie stopped by and posed with Kelly
Our Air Services Crew, Susie, Tom & Kaska
After we left our room we stopped at Kaska's room for shots of Polish Vodka. Gordon true to the spirit of the evening drank it through his Santa straw.
Twan & Dave in Kaska's room
Joe, Liz, Kelly & Dave at the Town Christmas Party

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