Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kelly's trip to Allan Hills Antarctica

A fun thing happened to Kelly on Monday while he was working at the airfield. He got a call from Dave in the office saying that a trip to Allan Hills in the Dry Valleys was happening. There was a spot for him to go if he wanted to. So about a half hour later he was flying on a Twin Otter along with some other people from our department. The flight took them out over the open water of McMurdo Sound, then in through the mountains. The pictures below are great, but they just don't capture the scale of it all.

This map shows Allan Hills. They are in the top left corner inside the red outlined area. If you click the picture it will get larger and easier to see the names Kelly in the plane. Here's the survival bags and cockpit. Open water of McMurdo Sound. Dry Valley mountains and glaciers. More amazing beauty. Kelly by the Twin Otter at Allan Hills field camp. The Ski way was marked with black trash bags so the pilot knows where to land. Mountains and Valleys.

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