Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love my office space....

Here's a view of 12,448' tall Mt. Erebus from the Ice Runway. It's the southern most active volcano in the world. This is the C-17 landing. We get three or four of these a week from Christchurch.
Here's Brandon and Andrew of Kelly's cargo team waiting by the loaders. The trucks are ready and staged to haul the cargo pallet's back to town. Andrew in the loader, with Mt. Discovery in the back ground.
Grant and Brandon. Gordon strapping down a pallet. Yesterdays flight brought a Helicopter for the New Zealand base. Dave is helping keep the tail down as we push it out of the plane.
That's one sweet helo.
Here's Kelly after handing the chopper blade to the pilots for installation.
Gordon, Kelly, Dave and Tony.
This is Kelly's team this season. We have Brandon, Kelly, Andrew(the invisible man), Gordon and Grant. They have also been nicknamed the "Pretty Boys".

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Meg said...

I love your update - it sure is beautiful there! Glad to see you're having a great time!